Welcome to My Mobilepro.  When H/PCs were first released, I was fascinated by their unique design.  Their small size made them portable.  Their long battery life enabled them to last all day long on a single charge, something that even modern day laptops cannot achieve.  And best of all, their instant on and instant off ability meant that I didn't have to sit and wait to use them, they were always ready when I was!
I created this webpage simply as an informational site for others who share an interest in these devices.  This website focuses on the NEC Mobilepro handhelds.  There are no forums here.  The very best forum for H/PCs is hosted by HPCFactor.  You will find me there most all of the time.
In the meanwhile, feel free to look around the website.  Also feel free to let me know if you discover anything wrong or have something worthwhile to share.
Rich Hawley