Media features

19.05.18, Singapore Mindfulness Conference

21.06.18, American Mindfulness Research Association

Mindful people transition more frequently between brain states. 

Current Projects

Mindfulness Foundation Course with Brahm Centre
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Intervention for Individuals with Sleep Complaints
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Employment Opportunities

Part-time student workers

We are recruiting motivated and mature individuals to be part-time student workers. The primary job responsibility is data collection for an ongoing clinical trial on the effects of mindfulness-based treatment for insomnia. Preference will be given to those with experience collecting data from human volunteers; this is also an ideal job opportunity for those considering a career in Psychology or Cognitive Neuroscience.

Successful applicants will be required to work an average of 5 evening shifts (9 pm-midnight, including traveling time) a month, in different locations around Singapore. Training will be provided before job commencement. Candidates must be willing to commit to a one-year stint with our laboratory, from January-December 2019, and the salary for this position starts from $11/hour.

Interested individuals should arrange to send their curriculum vitae to Francesca Perini (