Large  fish  will be  your:  a tackle  catches  all  kinds

         fishes,  -  created  for  the rapid  rivers             - NMatveich



            FISHING  tackle of "SEZHA"

              Large  fish  will be  your:  a tackle  catches  all  kinds

         fishes,  -  created  for  the rapid  rivers

               Nature  and  fishing  of “Sezhey”  is    wonderful  rest

            long time use this tackle in our edges. Intended

       it, mainly, for catching of large fish. In fact it is a net very  big

       hoop-net. Here description of this hoop-net:

          Ordinary length from 7 to 10 meters. 

          Diameter  of  ingoing  from  3,5  to  4  meters.


            "Sezha" can be made from  fifteen meters drag-net. At a drag-net

        it is necessary cut off from bunt (central part) wings and again  sew

        them to bunt, only, now on length. We  have  be  excellent large

        hoop-net, which appellation - "Sezha".


          Diameter of entrance:

            We will suppose what it circle:  Diameter from 3,5 meters, to 4.

        Length of linen make up - 10, 12 meters.


          Use  this hoop-net there where the river narrows in strands.

        A necessary condition, presence flow and depth no more than 2,5 meters.

            For this purpose necessary erect a transition. If width of the river, chosen

        you places 10-12 meters, there enough to put through river

        tree. Bottom, deepest area of this place,

        to be even width 3 meters. On it 3 meters

        area, make on  tree  bedstead  -  on her  we  will  be  sit

        and  shall  catch  fish.

        Width or form bedstead  on your discretion, main that

        was where to put things and comfortably  was you to sit on it and catch


            In both sides, from bedstead, the river shuts  of  metal

        net, or large tree  branches. In the total, with us under bedstead

        there is 3 meter passage-way of the unenclosed area of the river.

        Herein  we  set  a  trap,  our  big  hoop-net -  “Sezha”. 


     Make «Valek» - he manages hoop-net  («Sezha»)

     Further,  take two 3 meters not bent sticks.

To the first stick, on both ends, fasten make of the wire

loop. On the butt the second stick make nick

slot and lay is a slot on the middle the first stick and, after,

we link sticks together. Linking sticks is necessary a kapron

cord, preliminary moistening him in water. This construction

named «Valek».


      Stakes  (staves) – they  fix  «Valek»

      Further, take two 5 meter sticks. Sticks must be

smooth: without a twig, without a skin.

      Further, will stick sticks in the bottom

the river. Remoteness of  between sticks

such is exact as between loops on a stick «Valek».

      Further, loops on a stick «Valek» put on sticks stuck

in  the bottom of the river. Then, lay  «Valek» on «Bed» our

building which is named «Sezhnik».

      Kind of sticks «Valek», the same, as a letter of T.

      Before fishing, we will attach a large hoop-net

to the stick «Valek» and with his help will put a hoop-net

on the bottom of the river.


                Make  tune-up  hoop-net  -  add  details  failings

             And, now, we will consider through what adaptations of "Sezha"

        registers to “Sezhnik”. Naturally, the network of net is pressed-on on

       strong kapron cord. And what additional adaptations are necessary

        to tie to this cord we will consider now:

            We will imagine that 4  sides have  an entrance of net.  To  the sides,

        opposite    each other,  attach  for  three  rings.  (a diameter 20 sm.)

        To  the next  side  attach  in  a row  6-8  short  cord.

        (will  attach  a net  these  cords  to  the stick  of «Battledore».)

        To  the last  side  attach  two  long  cords - 1,5  meter.

        (These  cords,  on  fishing,  will  attach  to  the bed  of «Sezhnika».)

        To  the side,  where  the 6-8  short  are tied  cord,  a bit  stepping back,  in

        two  rows,  attach  25  threads  -  length  4  meters to  the network .  (Free  ends

        threads  going  together,  after,  skipped  through  opening  of spool

       and  there  fastened  the piece  of twig.  On  fishing,  threads  hold  in  a hand

       and  wait  when    fish  will touch  them.)


                       On  fishing

            And, here, you arrive on сежник and reach “Sezha”. You take rings in

        hands and down all network of “Sezha” downward down stream. Dress then

        rings of “Sezha” on stakes which a battledore walks on. We put on them  

        three rings on each the pale. Then attach plots to

        battledore of “Sezha”. Then we attach two overhead cords to “Sezhnik”.                                                               

            Now “Strazhki”:  for storage they tie down to the overhead cord

        “Sezha”, otherwise will become entangled. On fishing we will

        tie them to "Bed" of  “Sezhnik”  is.

            We begin to fish. We take a clamp in hands, lift him and

        battledore douse, slightly immerse and look not hooked for us

        “Strazhki”, after it immerse a battledore on a bottom.

        Fix him on geared-up for this purpose nails.

            We take in the hands of “Strazhki”. Level them

        so that treads going from a bottom

        to you in a hand did not sag. After it fasten them in the spool of

        twig  stick. During catching hold a spool in hands and prop up

        finger of “Strazhki”.

            Now we wait when fish will go at a net. In

       the moment of stopping there is fish of touch

        for threads going from a bottom and a hand feels a jerk. We name it

        feeling is "Blow". What stronger blow, the larger fish. Feeling

        lift a blow battledore, lay clamp on “Sezhnic” and begin to reach


          It is possible well to rest on “Sezhnik”. In the day-time to admire circumferential

        by nature, at night to look after star sky. Once, engaged in all

        by it, I saw in nightly sky flying UFO. Unidentified flying object

        behaved like a star "Vampire". Alike began to swing UFO stranger

        energy from the forest. This case and much other, about meetings with

        unknown, described for me on other pages...                  - NMatveich

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