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 Magic of nature  and  fishing

      Russia.  Small  rivers  of the Saratov  area:    the river is female "Bear" and  river of "Karamysh".  From history:  A story reached  to me, about that, how on the river female "Bear",  in  the district of "Sands", enormous  sheat-fish  swallowed  a shepherd. Those,  who  saw it,  began to run down to  country  and  told about it. Fellows, by all country  and  taking drag-nets, on carts (Equestrian harness) departed  into  place  of incident.  They succeeded to catch sheat-fish.  When  went  back into  the country  sheat-fish lay on admission, and his  tail  dragged  by  land.                              

        And,  there was  a case, when  caught  an enormous  pike. And, all hide, at it,  was  covered  moss.

        Now our days. Once  we  swam  on  the  river  at a  two-seater  boat
and, to the side of boat, a pike stuck by a size with boat. Other time, we   fished "Sezhey" and sheat-fish of enormous sizes called at it. I stood on "Sezhnike" and held sheat-fish on a tail, rests of his body  floated in water. ("Sezha", reliable  tackle for catching of large fish.  That it from itself presents know on a page.)

       Now you have presentation, what in the small rivers some  types of finfishess grow to the sizes of "Monster". On this account, in  some whirlpools and deep reaches, locals to be afraid to bath,  fearing to be eaten!

       Certainly, as compared to the river by "Volga", there is considerably  less than large fish, but, - the more valuable catch. And on the small rivers to the selection of tackle  it is necessary to befit accordingly responsibly, especially to the choice of лески. And, that, for me, there was a case of precipice two millimetric лески by large  fish. (Leska was ordinary not "HI-TECH".)

      Our edge, place of confluence of the river of "Karamysh" with the river " Female bear.  Here  wonderful  nature  of forest-steppe  area  of поволжья.  There is plenty of lakes in  the streamside forests. There is much fish in lakes,  and  there is much different beast in the forests. I am where to be walked about fishermen and hunters. Only, always, it is necessary to remember, that you are in one  of the strongest anomalous areas of the world.  Here you can get under influence of powerful anomalous displays.  Here  you  are waited  by fantastic  adventures!

       About that, what is it, you can know these phenomena on my pages of illuminative . For this purpose it is necessary to pass to the site, where my  supervisions of UFO,  "Yeti",  anomalous  displays  and  phenomena, are described, during 50 years.

       And on this  site  you hear about shocking  methods  catching  of the European carp,  which I saw  wandering on lakes  and which  sometimes  used  in practice.

      Also  here  will be  described  surprisings me and very  effective  methods of catching  of large  river  fish, such as:  pike,  sheat-fish,  chub and other  fishes.
      Yet,  you  know  on  what I lean in  the expectations  when  going  to fish . And that I,  does not understand  to the end.

     That  you  were  in a position  to reeve,  speculatively,  places  of events  described  on  the sites  of project,  I  set  of “Maps  Google”  on  the pages  of new  site.  There,  marks  are filled  in and,  you,  easily  will look  over these  places  on  the map  of pictures  from  space.  You  will  look  over  them

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 How  to  fish

   (Choice  on  the topic)

                                  How  to catch  a pike  in summer

                                    When  with  the pike  of  lunch  subsist,  her  easily  find   

                      in  places  accumulations  of young fishes,  on  pike of whirlpools

                             We catch  a pike  on  a spoon-bait  with  living  fish 

                       on  the hook 

                    WE CATCH   EUROPEAN CARP   HANDS

                       Fishing  is  known  secrets  of the European carp

                If  catching  of the European carp  on  a fishing-rod    did not bring  success,

                make  attempt catch  the European carp  differently  -  am  two  shocking

                method  to catch  the European carp  hands

                      Fish  the Bream  and  Sazan  (Carp)

               We catch  a bream  with the use of  little  cunning

                 Try  to catch  carp  at  shore,  is  carp,  as well as  bream

             examine  banks

                             Belorybitsa  and  chub

                         Main  to know  where  belorybitsa  lives  by,  other

                     all  is simple

                           Main  condition,  it  to catch  a chub  on  that  attachment

                      what  he,  at this time,  prefers.

 Magic  on  fishing        

   (Choice  on  the topic)

             Magic  nature  and  fishing

                      How  to return  back  fishings  cordages  when

                  nature  will hide  them  from  you

                      Trust    the supervisions  and  you    will not lose

                  that  must  lose

                               FISHING  AND  MAGIC

             Inexplicable  for  science  loss  and  returning  of oar  in a month

             Why  it is important  to ride  to fish  into  new  place

             Magic  of planet  is “Earth”,  or  unreal  world

             Going  on  fishing,  remember  -  magic influences  on  our  world !

 Fishing   tackles

(Choice  on  the topic)

                             EFFECTIVE  adjutage FOR  “Baldy”

                     Well  declare oneself  fishing  tackle

              at  catching  of perch  on  lakes

                     How  to do  a tackle  and  provide  biting of perch

                    From  this  attachment  fish  goes  down from a mind!


FISHING  tackle of "SEZHA"

                    Large  fish  will be  your:  a tackle  catches  all  types  fishes,

             -  created  for  the rapid  rivers

                    Nature  and  fishing  of «Sezhey»  is    wonderful  rest

                                    Fishing  the  winter - Borer

             We choose  screw  borer  taking into account  his  further  reconstruct

             We influence  on  borer  so  what  be  enjoy  his  work

             Borer  with  possibility  connection  two holes  and  cleaning  the  hole

Adventures  on  fishing

        (Choice  on  the topic)

                                 Curious  cases

                  False  UFO  caused  a bustle  in  the salon  of car,

            and  by reason  happening  there was  a wheel

                 Unexpected  for  a fisherman  of  loss  the caught  sheat-fish

                               General  information

                         Here,  on  Maps  Google,  marks  are put  into  places

                     where  basic  events  were  described  thereon

                     site.  It  is pages  from  Maps  Google  to  Maps  Google -4,

                     you will look  over them


      That  you  were  in a position  to reeve,  speculatively,  places  of events  described  on  the sites  of project,  I  set  of  “Maps  Google”  on  the pages  of new  site.  There,  marks  are filled  in and,  you,  easily  will look  over these  places  on  the map  of pictures  from  space.  You will look  over them



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