Going  on  fishing,  remember  -  magic influences  on  our  world !

                       FISHING  AND  MAGIC

             Inexplicable  for oar  loss  science  and  returning  oar  via  month

             Why  is important,  ride  catch  fish  on  new  place

             Magic  of planet  is “Earth”,  or  unreal  world

             Going  on  fishing,  remember  -  magic influences  on  our  world !



               Nothing interferes with me to think and suppose

         that  nature  and  all circumferential us

         world  to repose  exceptionally on magic forces. I suppose that our world much

         variety,  more interesting and on much, much

        simpler what think about him. Science

        all  knocks  down in  one  heap. Whole directions are attached in scopes what or

         to the theory  or  law.  On the basis of these

        postulates figured on and even, somewhere,

         on  their  foundation,  capable of working  structure  is done. But, they  to wish

        be  the best.

             And as far as more interesting there would be our

        world if we did the abundance with

        by the use of magic. Probably for a movement we would use now

        the same shocking technique as UFO.

             All our businesses lean against the so-called "favourable terms" and it costs us

         a bit distracted, from main businesses and

        to weaken pressure, as, here, what is included

         brake. And, to us, it is necessary anew to tune in to business, work was with which

         set aside. Let, even, on short space. Thus we begin to adjoin

         with the magic side of this world.

            Earth is similar the endless matrix in which have instruments are given each

         for tuning the individual world. And, wherein we keep indoors for scopes

         designer (scopes  permitted) we take what want. Thus and herein

         all variety and simplicity our world shows up, what allows us to change

         the possibilities and possibilities of this designer. At the failures of this designer,

         for all of us, a fact is obvious that a failure happened to want of

         structures. Thus, information has the special importance, so-called, today's

         day. In this case the bar of failure begins and it will proceed, until then,

         while not retrieve complete clarity in understanding

         of what be going on. And, as soon as,

         situation appears under control, green light is opened your businesses. We expressly

         we realize that needs to be done and what

        a result will be. And vice versa, as soon as we

         lost  part of management, a result goes down.  Such  nature  of  not materialistic

         essences  of this  world.

            Some people bind the  failure with what that mystic and give up to work,

         certainly there where it is possible do it, and wait

         when came a break and fate will come again

         will begin be favour to them. And, in my opinion, it is necessary

         to continue to search necessary information and

         when you will find it, the satisfying you picture of our world will be opened again. Again

         will begin work a designer and retrieve connection with magic of this world and as

         bark but his indissoluble part we get possibility to create. In fact it is said in bible:

         - "Begining was word", and we understand that yet before than word was desire. When

         we strongly wants that to have, or make, processes begin to work hidden from

         our eyes and magic of our world begins to work. And what we were not engaged in,

         what work was not done, we ran into his magic side.

             I carry with catching of fish and to me, also, after

         an interruption, it is necessary to be influenced in

         flow of a few days. After it I know where and what fish I will catch. And in what


             And how many, round us, takes place inexplicable. Here, on the face of it, ordinary

         case. Arrives from mountains. Saratov, with a new

         two-seater boat, an amateur is a fisherman

         Alex and we ride, with him, on fishing. When returned on a machine home, boat, in

         rolled state, was tied to the overhead luggage rack and oars lay in it

        dyed a bright sap-green. We passed the kilometre area of road             

        stparated us from a main route. On the left of us there is the forest,

        on the right the field of sunflower. On the hummock

        but  an oar fallen out. When drove out on a main road we stopped and did examination.

        Found out a loss, returned and searched all this kilometre area of road.

        An oar  was not.

             On a morning, we departed in a that place and

         searched a road again. An oar disappeared. And, only

         after a month, I departed to fish in this place. Returned

         at night and in the light of headlights of

         blaze brightly green. I pressed on brakes. Broadwise roads the lost lay by us, month

         back, oar. He was carried away possibly, for us from

         under nose, wild boars and returned after a month.

         Possibly yet that...  Nature  is able  to keep    the secrets.

             And so, there are tendencies unknown us. And, for example, what to provide кле-

         it is better to use the вую fishing (after a large interruption) stranger mood. To invite

         man which in a course these events and to ride to fish (it is important) on new, yet not

         tested, place. Biting of fish will be well-to-do.

             Our world is gap-filling various, in fact and to structural possibilities, energy.

         And our task, to study to use their talents. All official, even in titles, 

         brakes thought. Therefore I name their «Clean energies» are they, as utilities,

         each is engaged in the business.                          – NMatveich

   Alex  prepares  a boat...

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