If  take  fish   on  “Balda”  that  fishing  will be

   successful,  plus  super  effective  bait  from  

   which  fish  will  not renounce               - NMatveich



    EFFECTIVE  bait  FOR  “Baldy”

       Well  prove  oneself  fishing  tackle

   for  catching  of perch  on  lakes

       How  to do  a tackle  and  provide  biting of perch

       From  this  bait  fish  goes  without  mind!

             "Balda" excellent tackle for catching

         of perch in stand water reservoirs. Basic  condition,

         at catching a “Balda”, that a load went

         down on a bottom apeak, but not prowled

         in sides.  So  fish  less boggle of heavy  sinker,

         beat  at  a bottom.  For those, who yet not in a course:

         it is a fishing-rod with a nod, by two hooks and

         by a sinker, freely moving on sea line, between hooks. Dosta- loaded

         exactly heavy, has a form of cone, can imitate fish. Hooks freely

         move on sea line, on, limited two knots, area long 20-25 see

         On hooks there are cambrics, imitating a larva. Usually imitate the head of larva

         by a black or white color, and corps pink.

              Sequence of assembling: A few higher, end of sea line, the good is done

          knot. The first hook gets  dressed through an ear  (opening of handle of hook must

          to provide the free sliding of hook on sea line).  After a hook bullet gets dressed

          (through the through opening or handle, the same, as at a hook). After

          gets a sinker dressed, through an ear, second hook.

          And, that all of it was not taken off, on

          end of sea line a large enough knot is done. A tackle is ready.

              Catch by it, alternating a jerk with a pause in 3-5 seconds. A sinker must strike in

          but also also place and to lie on a day during 3-5 seconds. Hooks for this time

          be tempt a perch.  Fish  will  take  a lure  better  if  on  a sting

          hook  to fasten the little piece of beef lung.  This attachment serves

          long, but it is necessary to be changed, since water

         will wash down it. After replacement, fish

          will take a lure more gladly. It is put on on a hook, consistently

          collecting, while a marble will not be formed.  This attachment can be used, as on

          simple a fishing-rod, so on a fishing-rod with little spoon-bait, type "drop".

               Catch on one place and feed up periodically, very little

          by portions. After an interruption in catching, pass to other place.

               On a next page will tell that needs to be added to bore, to have

          possibility  to increase  a small hole                                         - NMatveich

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