The Sarah Sloan Vocal Studio is the longest running vocal studio in the Tri-Valley Area.

As an active performer and soloist in the Bay Area as well as New York and Los Angeles for over twenty years, it has been my passion and calling to share my experience and love for music with students of all ages and backgrounds and I am continually inspired by the musicians and performers that I have trained over the years.

It is my mission to provide the highest quality vocal training possible while focusing on the individual needs of the student. By maintaining a commitment to my personal continuing professional development, I guarantee that my students are taught with the knowledge of the most recent developments in the field of voice pedagogy and performance. In addition, I strive to create an environment in which my students feel safe to explore their creativity and express themselves fully.

    Using appropriate materials and adjusting my teaching style accordingly, I work with students of diverse ages, genders and backgrounds to aid them in developing their full vocal potential and reach their self-defined goals.

    I provide ample opportunity for my students to publicly perform and showcase their progress. Annual formal recitals, NATS group recitals, as well as audition workshops are regularly held.  Advanced students are encouraged to participate in competitions such as the NATS Singing Festival held every Spring, solo recitals and community theatre.

    These various services make my offerings the highest quality vocal education experience in the area. My students receive a premium service and attain premium results.

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