Student work

Links to student work created throughout the year 

Students made google maps to display the location of each of their commenters on their blogs. Then they posted a picture of the location of one of the commenters and wrote a post of appreciation.

Student created questions for legislators 

Artwork from Mary

Idioms from Michael

Blogging is... posts from all the blogicians

Student created questions for middle school Canadian student bloggers

Flickr motivator pictures created by students

Brainstorming poster

Canada/Georgia podcasts with high school students:

Podcast 1 - Introduction

Podcast 2 - Safety on the Internet

Podcast 3 - Being responsible while blogging

Podcast 4 - Flickr and issues with pictures 

Podcast 5 - Blogging on blogging and and convincing teachers to let students blog 

Podcast 6 - Best and worst parts of blogging 

Podcast 7 -  Chat boxes

Podcast 8 - How does blogging advance your learning as a fifth grade student?

Of course the best work in on the student blogs. You  can see links to each  student blog on the class blog Blogical Minds.