F. A. Q. s

Where can I join?

You can join by finding a local chapter near you through the 'Find Us' link to the left or feel free to contact one of our Chapter Presidents. If there is no local chapter near you but would like more information and/or the possibility of starting a new chapter near you contact the Membership Vice President through our State Board.

Are there meetings?

Chapters normally have a monthly meeting, states can have 2 to 4 meetings in a year and the United States Women of Today have two meetings a year.

What is the cost?

Each chapter has their own dues amount. Through your dues, fees are paid to the state and the state in turn pays a portion to the national organization.

Is it just meetings?

No! We are a non-profit, community service and personal growth organization. Chapters will do local projects such as raise funds to build a community park or for a local women's shelter. There are socials where chapters will meet up for a movie and dinner to celebrate our Founder's Day or just participate in Friendship Day. Chapters will also gather to have a fun Certification Night.

What is Founder's Day?

Founder's Day is always celebrated on July 1st. It is the day that the Women of Today organization was formed.

What is Certification Night?

It is a social where chapters will get together to fill out their programming certification forms.

What is programming?

Programming constitutes our personal growth and community service. Check out the Programming Vice President's article through the State Board or feel free to contact her directly through email.