Nebraska Women of Today:

It is a great pleasure that I am your new State President for the year of 2014-
This year my board is full of energy and excitement. I have included the names of
the new state board with this issue of the Gavel.
I have many goals set for the new year. My main goal is to recruit new members
and retain our retention for the year.
I also have a membership goal – both retention and growth I will let you know
more when the year goes on.
I hope to visit all chapters this year at least twice. I have one installation in May.
Be sure to invite me to come to a meeting, project or a social. My Schedule is
pretty much open.
The State Board will be meeting at Cindy Urlacher House on May 18th
Retreat. We will be discussing plan for the upcoming year as well as having some
training. We have so much to look forward to this year. I am excited to be part of
this year.
My theme this year is “Show the Spirit of Women of Today” and my logo is
American flag because it shows the spirit.
Lets have a great year.
Julie Fogleman State President
 Nebraska Women of Today