Nebraska Women of Today

“Everyday People Making Miracles”

Hillari Zweibohmer



Thank you for stopping to look at our landing page of our website!

Women of Today has been around since July 1, 1985. Our main goals are to lead others and lead with others into being stewards in our communities, families, churches, schools, and any other organization that you might belong. We utilize different programs like goal setting, team building, and effective speaking to cultivate people into being AWESOME and CAPABLE leaders. Programs in health and wellness, governmental affairs, and family week aid in making stronger individuals on a more personal and spiritual level. We believe that all of these traits and characteristics make our communities strong. We have several programs that we support. On the state level our philanthropy goes to Aid to Foster Children, and on the national level we are advocates for Domestic Violence Awareness-and the programs that recognize those affected by it.

I send out a challenge to ANYONE that wants to get to know themselves better on a personal level, be a stronger leader in business, and make a lasting positive mark on the community to join a local Women of Today chapter. You have the power to be a miracle worker!

My theme this year is “Everyday People Making Miracles”. I firmly believe that the positive little things that we do every day make a HUGE difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, just positive. It could be serving food at a homeless shelter, an encouraging smile, or providing transportation to someone in need. The possibilities are endless!

Please check out our website for any information that you may need. We look forward to meeting you!