Nebula chess engine releases:

Nebula 2.0
Release date: 12-Mar-2013

Major search improvements (singular extensions, late move reductions and low depth bad move pruning).
Fixed MP bugs causing engine to hang.
Minor evaluation changes (bishop and knight outposts and some king safety improvements).

Nebula 1.5
Release date: 21-Jan-2013

Improved basic material, passed pawn and king safety evaluation.

New evaluation terms: piece-square tables, isolated/doubled/backwards pawns, pawn storms, candidate passers, rook on open/semi-open files and rook on 7th row.

Still missing trapped pieces detection, outposts etc.
Search is the same as in 1.0 (almost no pruning so not going very deep).

Nebula 1.0
Release date: 30-Nov-2012

Features UCI protocol support, Chess960, Multi PV mode, Multi-Processor support (up to 16 processors) and Nalimov Endgame Tablebases (up to 5 pieces).

Has only very basic evaluation (basic material, mobility, passer eval and king safety). Currently it doesn't have material imbalance evaluation, drawn endgame detection, piece-square tables (except for the king), pawn structure eval (isolated, doubled, etc.), trapped pieces, rook on open file or 7th, outposts, etc. (all this will be added in the next version).

Search is also very basic. There is almost no pruning except for the null-move and some futility pruning close to the leaf nodes (will be adding more pruning once the evaluation work is done).

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