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NSS Membership Application 

Types of Members NSS has four (4) types of members:   Active,  Supporter,  Honorary and  Charter members.

                        Active Members:  Active Members shall be those persons with an interest in polysomnographic 

                        technology in a hospital, medical center, DME or healthcare-related facility, practice, or



                        Supporter Members:  Supporter Members shall be individuals or corporations that have

                        provided two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) or more of financial support in the current or

                        preceding fiscal year.


                        Honorary Members:  Honorary Members shall be those persons accorded such membership

                        status by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board of Directors, for special service to the

                        field of polysomnography technology, or for special service to the Nebraska Sleep Society, Inc.


                  Charter Members:  Individuals who participated in the founding meeting shall be Charter

                        Members; such Membership carries with it no special rights or privileges apart from the

                        designation of Charter Member.


                        New Members:   All prospective Active Members may apply for admission by submitting a  

                        membership application.  Active Members shall notify NSS of any change of address.

                        Individuals qualifying as Supporter or Charter members shall automatically be conferred such

                        status upon meeting all the requirements.


                        Resignation of Members:  Any Member may withdraw from membership in NSS by giving

                        written notice.


                        Annual Membership Dues:  Dues are not required for membership at this time.


Member List


  1. Adamson, R  (RPSGT)
  2. Altman, C.   (RPSGT, ReegT)
  3. Asher, R.   (MD)
  4. Bals, David  (RCP) 
  5. Bernard, L.   (RPSGT)
  6. Bista, S.   (MD)
  7. Brown, C.   (RPSGT, RCP)
  8. Cleary, K.   (RPSGT)
  9. Connell, C.   (RCP)
  10. Emrick, D.   (RPSGT)
  11. England, C.   (RPSGT, RCP)
  12. Folk, T.   (RCP)
  13. Hannon, K.  (CMA)
  14. Heithoff, L.   (RPSGT, ReegT)
  15. Himes, T.   (DO)
  16. Hoffa, J.   (RPSGT, RCP) 
  17. Houdesheldt, S.   (RCP)
  18. Howell, A.   (RCP)
  19. Magnuson, G.   (RN)
  20. Mahoney, L.   (RPSGT)
  21. McReynolds, J.   (RCP)
  22. Newby, J.   (RPSGT)
  23. Nielsen, M.   (MD)
  24. Olson, B. 
  25. Parker, L.   (RPSGT, RCP)
  26. Peters, W.
  27. Svoboda, B  (RPSGT)
  28. Taylor, C.   (RCP)
  29. Warner, K.   (RPSGT, RCP)

 DME Members

  1. Frontier Home Medical
  2. Great Plains Homecare Equipment