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(Announced on 2013-01-02) 
We are sorry to announce that we cannot publish the full 2013 Nebraska Poets Calendar this year. Time and finances have conspired to make it unfeasible. 

However, we hope to provide a free version of the bottom pages (that have the dates on them) as well as the Year At a Glance Calendar that normally appears on the back cover of the calendar. This will be in the form of a PDF file which you can download and print on our own PC printer, and then display in whatever method works best for you. We will announce here when and where file containing the 2013 calendar will be available for download.

We do intend to publish the 2014 Nebraska Poets Calendar and to get it to retailers sometime in August 2013. 

We are also taking this opportunity to move the poetry deadline back one year, so that poetry submitted by April 30, 2013 will be for the 2015 calendar. This will provide us with the opportunity to search for artwork at a more reasonable pace and more time to find money to cover basic printing costs.

Poetry submitted for the 2013 calendar will still considered for the 2014 calendar if the poets do not wish to withdraw their submissions in order to submit them elsewhere. We will be sending letters to this effect to all the poets who sent submissions to the 2013 calendar. 

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