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Countdown to the Halloween Harassment Hoax Has Begun!

posted Apr 23, 2012, 2:36 PM by Nebraskans Unafraid
The Countdown to the Halloween Hoax Former Offender Harassment Patrol in Douglas County has begun! (We're keeping count for you in the lower left-hand corner of this page.)

It is well documented that there is no empirical proof of a heightened risk from former sex offenders on Halloween. The evidence in fact shows that registrants for the most part are not dangerous at all. NU challenged Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning to produce any evidence to justify the annual publicity stunt last year. He did not -- because there is none. These patrols are indeed publicity stunts that work spectacularly well. The news media eat them up and never ever question the false premises upon which they are based.

Last year, Dunning cited a number of arrests in another city as proof that the Halloween Hoax is a useful law enforcement tool. But the arrests all were for technical violations of silly laws that among other things require former sex offenders to do such things as turn out their porch lights on Halloween.

It works kind of like this:

A bunch of politicians think up a headline-grabbing law to repunish former sex offenders (because they're sex offenders -- gasp! -- and of course no one will oppose the law). So the law requires those former offenders to go dark on Halloween. Now the sheriff knows that some of the former offenders probably will forget to kill the lights. So he calls up the news media and has them cover the Halloween Hoax Patrol. Sure enough, they bust six or seven former offenders who failed to flick the switch, and claim that these arrests protect the public.

It is hogwash. It is a hoax.