Voting is open November 1st - April 15th
To Vote, click on the category links:
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Voting FAQ's


Reader Information-Who Can Vote and How to Vote:

Voting is open to all eligible Golden Sower readers in the state of NEBRASKA through public libraries and school library media centers.

  1. To be eligible to vote, a reader must have read or heard a minimum of four of the current nominees within one category: Picture, Chapter, or Novel.
  2. Readers may not vote for books they have not read or heard.
  3. Readers should select the category that is best for them regardless of grade level.
  4. Readers may vote in more than one category if they do the required reading, but each reader may vote for only one (1) book per category.
  5. Voting deadline is APRIL 15. Votes submitted after April 15 may not be included in totals.

GSA Program Director Information--Submitting Votes :

  1. Participating teachers, librarians, and media specialists should:
    • encourage every eligible reader to vote for his/her particular favorite.
    • choose a method of collecting votes; voting booths, secret paper ballots, show of hands. Paper ballots are printed in the Golden Sower Award Manual for convenience.
    • total individual votes by title.
    • submit each title total on-line on behalf of their program participants.
  2. Only one (1) completed submission per category should be submitted per school or library.
  3. On-line vote submission begins on November 1.
  4. Votes must be received by APRIL 15. Submissions made after April 15 may not be included in final count.