I'll try and find photos for different uniforms over the years, starting when Devaney came in 1962.  Maybe later I will add earlier years.  Might not be able to find color photos for all years and some seasons there were no changes.  If anyone has any corrections or color photos for years I am missing, please let me know.  If I was back in the homeland I could probably go to a library and find some old photos in newspapers.   There have also been different styles of numbers over the years, but I am mainly just looking at the different helmets and uniform colors and styles.  In  later years there was also a difference in jerseys for bowl games, but for now I won't show those.   This was harder to do than I thought it would be, hard to find old color photos, lots of small changes over the years.  Need to go back and look for more photos.  I'm sure there are many small changes I have missed.
                                                                                                                       (under construction0























 Cletis Fisher #14 stiff-arming Notre Dame Player







Wish I had a color photo of 1949 uniforms.  The road uniforms look like the dark jersey ----------->
and home looks light.





















Stripe added to helmet 
Stripes added to shoulders 




Black # on helmet, no stripes on pants. # on sleeve,  no stripes on jersey sleeves or shoulders.   



 Road uniforms are pretty much just the reverse of the home jersey and pants.     I think this photo is from Cotton Bowl after the 1964 season.  Don't think the bowl game uniform was much different than the regular season 


There were also some all white uniforms on the road.













Red # and stripe on helmet, single stripe on pants.










NU put on helmet, also used in Sugar Bowl after 1966 season.









1968 added the shoulder stripes.  Helmet looks unchanged, still one stripe on pants.













Helment had 100 year sticker for 100 year anniversary of college football  








 Double stripe on pants, some red socks.

 1970 - 1974


The U was removed from helmets, although there might have been a few this year and next.  They were removed simply because they didn't have enough of the letter U to do all the team members.

Offensive backs would of had tear away jerseys, thats why Johnny Rodgers does not have shoulder stripes on his jersey above.  Also double stripe added on sleeve in addition to stripes on shoulders.














Some photos show double shoulder stripe on jersey in 1975, some don't.   Tear away jerseys are gone but start seeing some of the mesh jerseys.  It looks like some years there were both jersys with shoulder stripes and some without.  White shoes.



By 1978 there is an N on the sleeve and the # is moved from sleeve to shoulder.  No stripes on shoulders or sleeves and mesh jersey.



















Around 1980 the # was gone from the sleeve/shoulder pad altogether and replaced by an N.   Names start showing up on jerseys in the early 80s, I think on road uniforms first. 1982 added a red face mask (also Orange Bowl from 1981). Half jerseys are seen.

These are probably my personel favorite (Gill and Rozier above photos) but I know most people find them to plain.



 You can see from the photo on the left that #10's jersey is different that # 33's, so its hard to tell exactly when some things changed.
















1984 - 1994 

1984 puts the # back on the sleeve alaong with the double stripes on bottom of sleeve.  Pretty consistent until black shoes  around 1991.












1991 black shoes and a shoulder patch





1992 also had some all whites -->






 Originally I hated the all reds for the 1986 OU game, but thay have grown on me over the years.  Need the all white shoes with them though.













1995 - 2001 




Stripes are gone from the pants.
  Adidas adds their logo.
Nebraska added to front of jersey in 1999. 
Red socks  for  2001



Bad unifroms, bad year.




















Return to style previous to 2002  No stripe on pants.   Adidas logo and N on pant leg.










2004 - 2009 


Back to style with double stripe on pants, Nebraska gone from front of jersey.  Also all whites for CU game in 2007.  By 2009 the helments have the slots/holes in them.