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 I need the exact quote from Bill Walsh who was doing commentary before one of the Orange Bowl games vs Miami in the late 80s or early 90s when he said something to the effect that NU would have to change its offense.  Of course shortly after that NU was 60-3 with 3 NCs with that same offense.  If you have a tape of the game and could send me the quote I would appreciate it.

"The Cornhuskers couldn't win with Superman at quarterback."
Miami linebacker Ray Lewis before the 1995 Orange Bowl, Nebraska-24 Miami-17.   

Bob Devaney, asked why he does not demand a lifetime contract from Nebraska: "I had a friend with a lifetime contract. After two bad years the university president called him into his office and pronounced him dead." - Sports Illustrated

When asked about his secret to success as a player Ed  Weir responded  "I find the guy with the ball and tackle him"

From "According to one UT coach, Nebraska knocked these young men so far off the ball in the Fiesta Bowl that 'it looked like they were playing safety.'

As Tommie Frazier re-entered the 1995 Orange Bowl in the fourth quarter Warren Sapp asks: "Where ya been Tommie?"
Tommie supposedly replies to Warren: "It's not where I've been, it's where I'm going FAT BOY"

"My goal was to inflict pain.  Nothing affects a player mare than pain.  It makes him reconsider what he wants to do for a living" - Bob Brown

"He explodes off the ball.  I've never seen anything like it." - Joe Paterno talking about Dave Remington

One story about Bob Devaney is - Nebraska trailed at halftime against some team over which Nebraska was  favored. Players were in the locker room when a knock came from the door. A player opened the door and it was Devaney who said "Oh, I'm sorry ladies. I was looking for the Nebraska football team."



We were at Oklahoma State and the teams both went to the same movie theater. After the show Thurman Thomas, Oklahoma State’s running back actually came on our bus. Broderick Thomas and Neil Smith were sitting up in the front of the bus. Thurman said “there’s nobody on this bus that can take me one on one.” I remember Neil Smith saying, “Well we believe that, but there’s eleven of us that can”.  -  Charlie McBride talking about OSU game, Thomas had 9 carries for 7 yards the next day.

Why Red? The 1890 team was so impressed by the red stockings worn by their first opponent  that they wore red as their team colors

The 'Antelopes', 'Rattlesnake Boys', 'Scarlet Stockings', 'Tree-Planters', 'Old Gold Knights', the 'Nebraskans', and  'Bugeaters' were a few of the nicknames before they were the Cornhuskers.   In 1900 Charles "Cy" Sherman of the Lincoln Star gave the University's football team a nickname that finally stuck, the Cornhuskers