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    Whats New??  I may not update or continue this site after this season.  If anyone wants to use any or all of the info at this site feel free to do so. 
There are two main reasons I started this site. First, the idea started after looking through the NCAA record book and reading a section they have on college football dynasties. In it they mention Nebraska from 1988-1997 and also 1969-1976, and say some would consider the whole period from 1969-1997 as a dynasty. Second, I keep reading on message boards that "yeah but Nebraska never plays anybody".  So I am going to try to compare Nebraska's record vs other schools in various areas.

Second after reading on so many message boards, posters who don't seem to think walk-ons were a very important part of Husker football, I've decided to try and document that as much as possible. I am constantly amazed at how little a role some people think that walk-ons have played for the program.

I’ve used on-line sites and media guides for the statistics. It’s not impossible that there are some mistakes, as there are occasionally errors in media guides and  sites, and although I’ve tried to double and triple check all information, there could be some mistakes. If anyone has any corrections, additions, questions, suggestions, etc., I would be happy to respond to them. I try to use both the AP and Coaches poll when possible.

I also plan to have a another site for college football in general. Here are some of the accomplishments of the Nebraska Football program over the years. 

Always looking for old photos, especially in color.

( forfeits are usually counted as wins on all tables on this site)

Overall record of - 837-345-40--.70131% (through 2010)

5 National Championships

43 Conference Championships

95 All Americans, some more than one year for a total of 109 (named to at least one of NCAA recognized selectors)

45 Consensus All Americans, some more than one season for a total of 55 (named to majority of NCAA recognized selectors)

20 Unanimous All Americans, one twice for a total of 21 (named to all  of NCAA recognized selectors)

505 First Team All-Conference players

56 Academic All Americans, some more than one year for a total 65

47 Bowl Games all time, 35 straight from 1969-2003

33 Straight years with at least 9 wins, and a bowl game 1969-2001

42 Straight non losing seasons 1962-2003

348 Consecutive weeks ranked in AP football poll - 10/17/81 - 9/28/02

3 Heisman winners

9 Outlands

5 Lombardis

3 Walter Camp

1 Butkis

1 Johnny Unitas

1 Davey O'Brien

1 Remington

1 Maxwell
1 Nagurski
1 Bednarik




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