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This will have a list of links, books, videos, etc. , that might be interesting 

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Links ( more to come )   

Message Boards ( there are also message boards at some of the sites below )

Husker Board   One of the best Nebraska message boards

Corn Nation   Another good message board

Scout - Big Red Report


 TV / Radio / Print
bigredwrapup  netv program

News/Articles  Best site for news, stats, also has a message board
Big Red Network
Husker Press Box   Not sure if this is still being kept active - good site  Site about Boyd Epley

Stats   Best site for Husker stats

cfbtrivia  GREAT  SITE for finding various team  W / L records using various filters

College Football Data Warehouse    Another great site for info      Links to many sites    Historical scores by team
RSFC Football Links  David Wilson's site with many links, the motherlode for links   
StassenW/L Computation   Good site for computing team w/l history, make sure you read the "notes" page   You can look up series records here     Site is by an SEC Conference fan, but has lots of good info. in general  
collegefootballhistory    I made this site to compare past National Champions




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