Doug Dubose #22 vs UCLA

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Q.  Why  did you start this site?
A.  As I stated on the front page, I wanted to compare how NU stacks up vs other programs.

Q.  Why did you show both the game time record vs opponents and final polls?
A.  Some people think the game time rankings are most important and some the final polls.  If I had just shown one, people would have said the other should have been used instead. There are also some people who say the # of ranked opponents a teams plays are meaningless, but they don’t seem to know what is. So until they can decide I can’t compare NU to their standard.
Q.  Why do you have a minimum # of games for some of the w/l records? 
A.  If you don't, you can end up with a team with a low # of games finishing high in the rankings and that might be somewhat misleading.  For example, I didn't use a minimum # for Bill Callahan and SMU finished on top of the list of teams for record vs teams ranked in final top 10.
Q.  Where did you get the information for the site?
A.  I used online sites and I have  media guides for various schools.


Q.  Are you going to update the site to show Bo Pelini?
A.  When he gets a few years in, sure.


Q.  Do you guarantee all the statistics you have are 100% accurate?
A.  While I have tried very hard to be as accurate as possible, with all the various teams, tables etc., its possible I made some errors, hopefully small ones. There are also mistakes in media guides and online sites, and sometimes late at night or when you are in a hurry, you just make a mistake.   If anyone has questions, comments, corrections, suggestions etc. I would be happy to answer all email and try to correct any errors.


Q. Why do you call the years from 1962-2003 the Devaney Era ?
A. Devaney became NUs head coach in 1962.  He picked Tom Osborne to succeed him and Osborne choose Solich to follow him.  Osborne was a graduate assistant on Devaneys first staff and Solich was in one of his first recruiting classes.  And I want to.
Q. Why do some of the coaching sections have a page for each section and the ones for Solich & Callahan have 2 sections on some of their pages?
A. I was running low on space allowed for the site.  I have fixed that and might someday add more pages.

                                                                                                                             John Dutton #90 vs Iowa St.