About Us

What is NEAT?

NEAT was formed with an agreement between a group of teenagers in New England to merge their respective railroads into a single regional system. Our inspiration came from a variety of sources, including Allen McClelland’s V&O lines, the prototype Vermont Rail System, and a group in Ohio.

Our lines function together to increase effeciency and competitiveness in moving goods across New England, increasing traffic for member railroads. We pool power together to provide enough for each railroad when necessary. We will be enacting a physical interchange system in which more of a single car’s travel can be shown, doing justice to the long distances they travel. Our system is based on:


Our system will be part of a round-robin model railroading group, where we periodically operate other member’s layouts in a prototypical fashion, increasing the fun for everybody involved.

So come on and join the fun! Hop aboard our train as we roll towards a new way of modeling!