GCSE ICT – Probably the most exciting GCSE ever invented!

How old are you?
Did you know that in the year you were born only 4% of the world’s population had access to the internet? Which is why back in 1995, shopping, chatting or researching homework on a computer seemed incredible.
But now, just 14 years later, over 25% of the human race have been online and the world wide web has transformed the way we communicate and do business. And that’s just the net. Other advances in digital technology have revolutionised our phones, our cameras, our cars – even the way we watch TV.
You’ve lived through the most significant decade yet in information and communication technologies and you're the people who understand and use them the most. So who better than you to notch up a GCSE in a subject you already know so much about?


Mr Sinclair,
1 Jul 2011, 01:11