[Updated 17 May 2021]
The Gym is open again! Currently we are operating a fixed slot  booking system which we will review as soon as restrictions are eased further. We are also now able to welcome new members. See below for contact details for free taster session!

Neatishead Community Gym is a non-profit community organisation providing convenient and affordable fitness and exercise resources to the local community.

We are not a typical gym but stress fitness, activity and mobility, rather than body-building. The gym is open to anyone aged 12 and over, but predominantly caters for local needs.

Our age profile reflects the local community, and most of our members are over 40.

Come to a free taster session – details at the end of this page

Our instructor
Our instructor is qualified to level 3 and registered with REPS (the Register of Exercise Professionals).

If you wish, you may have a personal programme designed for you, to help you reach your goals

Opening hours
Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays   
8:30 am to 12:30 pm

New Victory Hall, Street Hill, Neatishead, Norfolk, NR12 8AD
(please do not write to this address as there is no postbox)

Funding has been generously provided by:
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Membership fees
All members must join the Gym, then pay session fees depending on their choice of attendance. See below. We have abolished the annual membership fee.
Please note: monthly fees are payable in advance by standing order or cheque. There is a discount for standing order. There is no annual contract. You may end your membership at any time without penalty or any further payment if you are paid up to date.

Session fees for standard membership (from 1 Sep 2019)
Gym:  Once a week

One session – Any day we are open
£21 monthly (£18 on Standing Order) = £5.04 (£4.32) per session, assuming 50 attendances per year

Gym:  As often as you like
£25 monthly (£22 on Standing Order) = £3.00 (£2.64) per session for two sessions a week and £2.00 (£1.76) for three, assuming attendances for 50 out of 52 weeks of the year

Gym:  Session passes
Use one whenever you wish. 
A book of 5 tickets costs £28.00 = £5.60 per session

Gym and Junior
No extra charge.  Exercise at the gym whilst your baby watches. Baby must be content to sit in a car seat or buggy and not wander.
 You may attend at any time we are open

Special terms
Gym: Junior membership (ages 12 to 16) and full-time students (17 and over) – £3 per session, £10 for Once a week, £15 for As often as you like. No membership fee. Contact details of a responsible adult must be provided for members under 18 years old. Junior hours are 11:00 to 12:30. Students should produce their student card when applying for membership

Guest: members may bring a guest to a session
£6 per session. Sponsoring member must accompany their guest

Gym:  GP referral
Our instructor is fully qualified to manage GP referrals. The gym has an arrangement with the Hoveton Surgery on Stalham Road, Hoveton. If you are referred by your GP, we will give you temporary membership for free for 3 months, with session fees at standard rates. If you wish to continue after 3 months you will need to transfer to standard membership. If you still need extra support from our instructor after that time, please talk to us about fees

Further information
Free taster session:  contact our instructor on 07387 876216
General matters:         email us at  gym@victoryhall.info
or contact our instructor as above.