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NEASA Colloquium

2013 New England American Studies Association Spring Colloquium

American Studies: What, How, and Why

Saturday May 4th, 10 a.m.---1 p.m.

Suffolk University Poetry Center

Boston, MA

The New England American Studies Association Council is excited to

announce that NEASA's third annual Spring Colloquium will be held on

Saturday, May 4th, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. in Suffolk University's Poetry

Center! The Colloquium will be entitled "American Studies: What, How, and

Why," and will focus on defining disciplinary questions of what American

Studies is, how we American Studiers do it, and why American Studies is

worth supporting and strengthening in this time of educational crisis (and

all other times).

As has been the case each year, the Colloquium will feature informal

presentations from New England American Studiers, offering an opportunity

for regional scholars to share some of their work, interests, and ideas.

This year, we're looking for folks interested in taking part in either of

two distinct roundtable conversations (each of which will run for about an

hour fifteen minutes, with a short break in between):

1) A conversation featuring American Studies program directors,

coordinators, administrators, secondary educators, and any and all others

who practice American Studies at their institutions and organizations or

otherwise seek to pass the discipline on to their peers and communities.

2) A conversation where American Studies scholars will model some of the

many ways in which their own work exemplifies the discipline--its focal

points and questions, its methodologies and analyses, and the

possibilities it offers for 21st century American academic, public, and

communal narratives.

If you're interested in adding your voice to either of these roundtables,

or have any questions about them or any aspect of the Colloquium, please

email Colloquium organizer Ben Railton (<brailton@fitchburgstate.edu>).

But in any case, we very much hope you'll be able to attend the

Colloquium, and take part in these important American Studies


See you in Boston in May!


Benjamin Railton (brailton *at* fitchburgstate.edu)