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NEASA serves the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Within ASA objectives, NEASA seeks to foster the study of the culture and history of New England; to bring together practitioners of the various disciplines that examine American and New England culture; and to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship, publication, and teaching in these areas at all levels and at all types of institutions. Its membership includes such constituencies as community college, college, and university faculty; secondary school teachers; undergraduate and graduate students, independent scholars; public historians, archivists, and museum curators. NEASA attempts to ensure that these constituencies are represented on NEASA's Council.

We can be contacted at neasacouncil@gmail.com, and you can also contact the 2014 President Jeffrey Meriwether at  jmeriwether *at* rwu.edu.

ASA members residing in the region are automatically NEASA members. Members of the ASA residing outside of the region may join the NEASA according to the ASA guidelines. Other individuals unaffiliated with the ASA may join the NEASA directly.  If you are not presently a member of the ASA and living in New England, you can join NEASA by sending a check (payable to NEASA, Inc.) to the NEASA Treasurer for the following amount:

NEASA membership (no ASA affiliation): $15
Regional cross-membership (for ASA members from other regions): $5
NEASA student membership (no ASA affiliation): $10


Beazley Kanost 

Contact her at beazley_kanost *at* my.uri.edu

NEASA sponsors an annual two-day conference. Since 1987, NEASA has also sponsored curriculum workshops or conferences, for and by secondary school teachers.  NEASA also works with high schools interested in developing American Studies (interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Studies) courses.

NEASA's annual conferences draw regional, national, and international panelists and participants. Recent conference themes have included:
            The Arts and the Public             
            The Post-American City
             Infectious Democracy


Homeland In/Securities: Race and Citizenship in the United States

Sightlines: The Culture and Science of Vision

Margaret Fuller and Her Legacy

Native Cultures and New England

Fear Itself: Enemies Real and Imagined in American Culture

Traffic on the High Seas: Trade, Transnational Cultures, the Environment, and New England

Erasures, Evasions & Absences: Contestations for Control of the Public Record Past & Present

NEASA Secondary School Initiative

Funded by a grant from the ASA, the NEASA Secondary School Initiative strives to understand the changing needs of the American Studies teachers in New England. The first goal of the program was to complete a long overdue revision of contact information for American Studies programs in New England high schools. So we may continue expanding our list of programs, please contact Sara Sikes at sikes_sara@yahoo.com or Al Flynn flynn.ae@gmail.com with your school and course information. We always enjoy hearing from newly established American Studies classes!


Secondary Education Contacts