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Have a in the know.

The Near North Valley Neighborhood Association (NNVNA) is looking for neighbors to join in helping our neighborhood participate and be informed about events in the area. NNVNA is made up of your neighbors, business owners, and property owners volunteering time to be aware and be a voice for your neighborhood.

Your neighborhood association helps to resolve potential conflicts involving community stakeholders, promotes improved communications between the neighborhood and city government, informs the community of the potential impact of new development and redevelopment, and coordinates discussion between city government, planners, developer and neighbors.

Membership dues are only $15/year. Give more if you can afford it and less if you can't. All money that is collected is used to support the neighborhood. Your dues go primarily to postage and printing to keep you inform

Click on the attachment below to download a membership application (pdf file) If you would like to receive an application by mail, e-mail us your name and address and we will send you one.

Your Neighborhood benefits you by:

Being recognized by the City of Albuquerque
recognized neighborhood association is recognized by the City and helps to identify and resolve of potential conflicts early.

Keeps neighbors aware of issues concerning th
For instance, within the NNVNA boundaries there are currently a number of large plans in the works that can potentially: change the look and feel of our neighborhood; offer property owners benefits; change zoning; change traffic patterns, and so much more

Helps get funding for area proje
Your neighborhood association communicates the needs of your community to state representatives and city officials.

Joe Sabatini,
May 4, 2018, 1:00 PM