Aristotle's Assassins
Music I composed for Aristotle's Assassins computer game.

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These compositions were written for the game Aristotle's Assassins and sequenced using Reason software and instrument sample libraries.  They are short and intended to be loopable for game background.

% These pieces use samples of orchestral instruments, and are more or less full orchestrations.

* These pieces are using samples from recordings of authentic reconstructed ancient greek instruments.

@ These are ambient pieces with mostly synth sounds.

 Aristotle's Assassins Teaser

  1. Aristotle's Assassins Intro (%)
  2. Dorian Fragment (%)
  3. Phrygian Theme (%)
  4. Cyclops (@)
  5. Philoxenos (*)
  6. Bride of Cyclops (@)
  7. Lydisti Aulos Syrinx (*)
  8. Ancient Tech Magic (@)