Northeast Regional Biology Teacher Academy
Summer 2018 Workshop Cancelled
New Dates: July 14th to 19th, 2019
emphasizing AP Biology and NGSS Standards

81 Providence Street
Worcester, MA.

SPACE IS LIMITED- so make sure you register early!

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The NABT/BSCS Biology Teacher Academy in Partnership with HHMI is designed to meet the following goals for Biology Teachers (including AP Biology and NGSS)
  • To experience the practices of science and be able to translate them into meaningful classroom instruction at all levels
  • To understand the nature of curriculum, especially content coherence, focus, and rigor as it relates the use of materials for Biology and AP Biology
  • To improve the teaching of Biology (at all levels) so that students learn more meaningful biology and are more interested in studying biology further
  • To learn to use formative and summative assessment information to analyze teaching and learning
  • To strengthen and grow the NABT Biology Teacher Community
Additional Support provided by:

To Support Student Thinking and Learning about Biology 
  • help guide student critical thinking and scientific argumentation skills
  • provide students with tools to think
To Support Teacher Learning about Biology and Best Practices in Teaching
  • Learn about Research-Based strategies to enhance pedagogical knowledge focused on increasing student's conceptual understanding of Biology
  • focus on integrating the NGSS for Life Sciences and AP Biology Framework into their curriculum
  • work collaboratively to analyze and enhance current curriculum to better reflect the Big Ideas and unifying concepts in Biology
  • explore Biology curriculum building, teaching practices, and assessments
  • build a support network of dedicated and passionate biology teachers that will serve to support excellence in teaching

Worcester Academy