Northeast Arkansas Miata Club
Welcome to the NEA Miata club site. The club was established August 2005 and has been running great since. We have about 35 loyal members and one Porsche. We meet on the first Monday of every month around 6pm in the Jonesboro metropolitan area. We also have at least one drive/event every good weather month of the year. Please view our schedule for times and dates. You can also find us on Facebook.
"We would like to honor those who we have grown with and have lost. We will miss you George, Bill, Rosemary, and Bob. We will continue burn rubber and drive with passion everyday in your memory and honor. "

2016 Event Forecast

Miata Club events 2016

September 24th Missourri Run Email Darrell.parks@hoxie.nesc.k12.ar.us for more info

October 29th Memorial Run Email Darrell.parks@hoxie.nesc.k12.ar.us for more info

November No Drive (too busy)

December No Drive (too busy)


Meetings are on the first Monday of every month. They start at 6pm

October 3rd

November 7th

December 5th

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