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I am fed up with this website and all it's problems so from now on I will be using this blog.

Catch Up!!!!

So, it's been a VERY long time since I've updated the site- so here is mostly what we've been up to:


We had a great summer swimming at our local aquatic center- the boys with our babysitter Hailey and Garett with me in the exercise class.  At the end of the month we got to go back to California to visit all our family and we had a GREAT time!!!

We spent a lot of time with the cousins and my side of the family.

But we also had a great time up at Huntington Lake with Dad's side of the family!!!  The boys loved digging in the dirt to make "smoke" (a.k.a. dust) with their cousins and it was so nice to be in the mountains again.  Grandma Laurel put this all together and we all had a great time!!!  Thanks Grandma!


School had begun!!  Adam is very excited to be in first grade with his teacher Mrs. Pittman.  My little boy is getting so big!  He is such a smart guy I know he will do great!!!

Neal took the boys to the Iowa State Fair to see a demolition derby and they had a great time!  (How could they not with cars catching on fire?)  Adam is really into Star Wars and at the fair they had "Star Boars" sand sculpture that was pretty interesting.


We took a family vacation to Kansas City, Missouri and had a great time!!!  (Although I think the boys had more fun playing at the hotel!)  We went to the zoo and got to be up close for a sea lion show that was really fun.  At night we walked around downtown mistakenly thinking that the museums would still be open- unfortunately they were not but we got some good exercise walking around. 

We went to the visitor's center in Independence, Missouri and they had a fun pioneer play place for the kids.  Right across the street is the reorganized church's temple which I thought looked very interesting.  Then we drove to Liberty to see the jail and after lunch stopped at Adam-Ondi-Ahman which had a nice view of some green fields and that is about it.  A quick weekend trip and we didn't get to see everything we wanted so we may just have to go back some day... possibly when Garett doesn't cry whenever he's in the car!

Here are some pictures of our regular life- Adam LOVES playing with Legos and Ryan LOVES playing with little Goo-goo who is growing up so fast!  Garett is such an easy going baby; he loves to smile and squeal and watch his big brothers act crazy.

I love decorating for Halloween!  It is sooo easy; just don't clean for a while and your dead plants and cobwebs fit the holiday theme perfectly!

Every year we have to go visit a local apple orchard for some full-on fun!  This year we went on Adam's no school day and spent ALL day there (4 hours!).  We played on everything- the corn pool is Adam's favorite and the big slide is Ryan's.  Then on our way out we picked some apples since Adam only eats apple orchard apples (seriously) and his favorite thing about fall is apples (since he eats them all the time?[sarcasm]).

This is what Ryan does all day when Adam is school.  He is definitely my weirdo.  The other 80% of the time he is throwing a fit of some kind.  No wonder I'm so tired!