Academic Overview 3rd Grade NDV

     The 3rd grade is a year of tremendous academic growth and physical and social development.We emphasize independence,accountability,and respect. Every student has a special talent. We recognize and celebrate it.

Curriculum Overview
  • Have knowledge of:
    • sound- symbol relationships ( beginning, middle and ending sounds)
    • root word &affixes
    • compound words
    • contractions
  • Demonstrate use of a dictionary
  • Demonstrate comprehension and critical thinking by:
    • utilizing context clues
    • identifying main ideas and significant details
    • recall information
    • predict outcomes
  • Demonstrate characteristics of:
    • realistic fiction
    • fables,tales,myths,legends,folk tales
    • poetry
    • biography and autobiography
  • Students are to select and read a wide variety of genres.

  • Apply basic phonetic principles in spelling:
    • initial, medial, final sounds(consonant)
    • blends
    • clusters
    • digraphs and diphthongs
    • double and silent consonants
    • long and short vowels,double vowels and digraphs
    • r controlled vowels
    • drop final e
    • drop final consonant
    • change y to i

  • create stories
  • compose letters
  • learn to produce book reports
  • learn to use legible writing cursive handwriting
  • expand on research writing skills
  • count and skip count (by 2,4,...5, 10's)
  • understand meaning of +, -, x, ÷
  • demonstrate ability to +, -, x, ÷
  • recognize, count, and compare money
  • have knowledge of estimation and rounding skills
  • decode word problems using math vocabulary definitions
  • recognize the basic equality of all people
  • identify basic human rights
  • recognize environmental issues and the effects of technology on the environment
  • identify ways to protect the environment
  • develop conflict resolution skills
  • recognize need for laws
  • identify community problems, discuss solutions
  • develop responsibility for his/her actions
  • discuss patterns of change
  • habitats
  • gardening
  • protecting the earth
       3rd Grade Religion Curriculum:

        The religion goals for the children of the 3rd grade are as follows:

    •    The text We Believe (We Are the Church) will cover the miracles of Jesus as signs of God’s power and love in our lives.
    •    We will explore people and events of the early Church and how they relate to our own life in the Church.
    •    We will look at ways the Church proclaims the Word of God.
    •    The class as a whole will look at ways in which, working together, they can participate in spreading the Good News.

    As parents, you can ask your child what they heard in class. Some projects will be sent home in order that you and your family as a            whole can participate in your child’s religious education.

    The Prayers that your child should know and learn are the following:
    Our Father        Hail Mary        Glory Be        Apostle’s Creed
    Act of Contrition        Grace (before and after meals)        Psalms
    Prayer of St. Francis        Singing & Spontaneous Prayer

Meridith Pantaleoni,
Aug 27, 2012, 3:15 PM
Meridith Pantaleoni,
Aug 27, 2012, 3:14 PM
Meridith Pantaleoni,
Aug 27, 2012, 3:15 PM
Meridith Pantaleoni,
Aug 27, 2012, 3:14 PM