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exact backup copies of nds games from the game cards for playback from ds flash cards or with emulator

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Roms are all back up. Server just came from clean upgrade, all seems to be fixed now. Let me know if there is any problems. Just post in the Support section of the forum.
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 There has been a lot of controversy over when a DS Emulator would be relased. Many people are curious to why there would be NDS ROMs available, but no emulator to play their DS ROMs. The answer is simple. Things like DS Emulators, or emulators for any system, take time.

Latest DSemu News Update: Working NDS Emulators HERE
and another one here NoGBA No$NDS

Fortunetly, there is developer groups currently started on producing emulators for the Nintendo DS. No emulator has yet to emulate a commercial DS ROM, but some have managed to emulate the double screen feature and play home-brewed roms.

HyperDS is amoung the first emulators to hit the DS Emulation scene. Currently, it appears to have managed the emulation of a few homebrewed roms. Commercial roms are current NOT supported, but let's hope this is to come in the near future. You can visit the official HyperDS Emulator site here:
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