Jurisnaturalist Latin for Natural Law.  Term coined by Richard Maybury in his Uncle Eric books.

A resource list and links to my other projects. 

11.05.08 WKNC Interview

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GMU Ph.D. Notes, mp3's, pdf's, etc.

Web pages I have constructed.

    Foundations of Free Societies at NCSU

Papers I have written:

    Northern Securities an Industrial Organization antitrust paper on Northern Securities.

    The Putney Debates  How the Levelers' story is often misinterpreted based on biased source selection.

    Knowledge and Decisions  A book review of Thomas Sowell's Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations.

    Separating the Sheep From the Goats  A rough start to a pamphlet on Ayn Rand and Christianity.

    Natural Liberty's Potential for Distributive Justice A critique of Rawls' distributive justice which demonstrates the plausability of what he calls the Natural Liberty position even under the Difference Principle. 

    Hood Profile  A newspaper - styled profile on John Hood, president of the John Locke Foundation.

Class Notes:

    PHI 309

Be sure to listen in to Failure to Refrain, Jeff Horn's show, 7-8 pm Monday nights on WKNC, where I am a regular guest.