NDS Game Emulator (DSi DS Lite NDS Emulation)

NDSemu - Nintendo DS Emulator / NDS emulation

DS rom player - emulator program for PC - Nintendo dual-screen games on computer scereen for free

  • DeSmuME - one of the first good working DS on PC emulation tools.
  • NO$GBA - currently the best Nintendo DS roms emulator for Windows XP and VISTA. Also doubles as a great GBA rom emulator with multilayer link cable / game linking support for up to 4 gamers.
  • iDeaS - another NDS roms emu for Windoes PC's.
  • DualiS - can't do much but has to be noted for the effort.

  Here's some wip screen shots of new tools added to the next version
Text background are quite well supported (16, 256, ext pal ...)
And corrected BL instruction in thumb mode
WIP version without the new 2D engine
Drop a message on the forum if you find a bug in the tools.
Mode 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are now available.
New version will be available with sprite implementation
Some screen shots of devkitpro example.


Thank you for wasting your time on this web site ;)
But if you’re searching information about DS emulator, I think you must go somewhere else or search for another emulator. I have totally quit this project and it will be no more information about it here.

Don't worry the project is not stopped but I have to close the forum.
Not enough time to answer messages and program the emulator.
And due to some request I don’t want to see on the forum.
Information will be find in the main page here.
Good progresses are already in their way ;).
Download DeSmuME v0.3 


DeSmuME : Emulateur nintendo DS.
- emule les 2CPUs
- DMA direct (pas sur VBlank ou autre)
- support seulement le mode 0
- support des sprites
- pas de support des palettes etendues. - trie des bgs et sprites
- une partie des SWI
- n'emule pas de jeux commerciaux a cause principalement du CARD_REG
- emulle assez bien la demo de Meteos mais petit pb avec la souris (clickez en dessous des menus)