February 5-6, 2013
Department of Physics, University of Calcutta
supported by the DRS Programme of UGC

First Circular

The Department of Physics, University of Calcutta, announces a two day National Conference on 'Nuclear Dynamics and Nuclear Astrophysics' on February 5-6, 2013, supported by the DRS Programme of the UGC.  The Conference will focus on various topics including Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Synthesis of Heavy Elements, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and their importance in Astrophysics,  etc. The Conference will include Invited Talks by eminent workers in the field and  Presentations by younger people, including research scholars. 
Abstracts must be sent in camera ready form (MS-Word or pdf) not exceeding one page on or before December 20, 2012 by e-mail. 

Registration Fee: Rs. 1000/- to be paid in cash at the time of registration. Registration fee includes registration kit, lunch on both the days, conference dinner, and accommodation for outstation participants. A waiver might be provided to participants from colleges/universities who do not have individual research projects.

All correspondence should be addressed to the Conference Secretary at cu.drs.13@gmail.com


  • Bijay K Agrawal (SINP)
  • Prabir Banerjee (Presidency University)
  • Chinmay Basu (SINP)
  • D.N. Basu (VECC)
  • Chandana Bhattacharya (VECC)
  • Rupayan Bhattacharya (CU)
  • Rajdeep Chatterjee (IIT Roorkee)
  • Samit Kumar Mandal (DU)
  • Anjali Mukherjee (SINP)
  • Suresh Kumar Patra (IOP)
  • Rajarshi Raut (UGCDAE-CSR)
  • Subinit Roy (SINP)
  • Sukhendu Sekhar Sarkar (BESU)


Local Organizing Committee

Debnarayan Jana

Abhijit Bhattacharyya (Jt. Convenor)

Amitava Raychaudhuri

Anirban Kundu

Anindya Datta

Gautam Gangopadhyay (Jt. Convenor)

Indrajit Mitra

Jayalakshmi Shamanna

Rupayan Bhattacharya

Chirashree Lahiri (Conference Secretary)

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