1. Official show results must be sent back to Ben Lodoen (Beef), Brett Levos (goats), and/or Whtiney Vogel (sheep/swine) within 10 days following the show. Please do not calculate the points.


  1. The NDJPSA age requirement is at least 8 years old and not older than 21 years old as of October 1st of the current show calendar year.


  1. All Members MUST attend 5 (five) shows in order to receive year-end awards. Effective October 1st, 2013, the minimum required shows to attend has been eliminated. (7-2013)


  1. The NDJSPA calendar will run from October 1st to September 30th.  (Example: October 1, 2012-September 30, 2013).


  1. A $20.00 annual fee per person per species is required to participate in the year end awards program. It also gives you access to information on a website featuring show information, newsletters and running results. Dues must be paid before points can accumulate.


  1. New Rules do not take effect until the next show season. (7-2012)


  1. First place ties will be broken by which youth attends the most junior shows.


  1. Anytime an exhibitor is named champion or reserve champion of any breed, he or she will receive the same number of points as the highest point-getting class winner of that breed rather than the number of points for his or her original class. In addition, the breed champion will receive 5 bonus points and the reserve champion will receive 3 bonus points. POINTS do not move up or down if an ineligible animal or if a NON-MEMBER is selected. Effective October 1, 2013, NDSF points will double for champion and reserve, therefore champions will receive 10 extra points and reserves 6 extra points. (7-2013)


  1. All points recorded in a class are based on actual number of junior class livestock that enter the showring regardless if they are point show members or not. The points you receive will be based on your actual placing in the junior show.


  1. For each specie, the livestock must be entered in the name of the individual, the individual’s immediate family or the individual’s immediate family’s ranch name. They must be shown by the individual for any points to be recorded. Even though a substitute show person may be granted by the NDJSPA, points will not be awarded to an exhibitor unless he or she is in attendance to show his or her animals. In addition, ownership deadline is May 1st of the current show season.(7-2013)(NOTE: Any livestock purchased after the May 1st deadline may still show, points for these livestock will just not be counted.)


  1. Shows that are sanctioned are required to check registration papers at the time of check-in to verify that the animals are correctly entered. All registered animals must have registration papers in hand at the time of check-in or they must show in the commercial division.


  2. Youth are to check with each individual fair for specific arrival and release times and dates.


  3. Membership is open to any due paying member from any state or origin. (7-2013)


  4. Only due paying members are allowed to propose rule changes with their name attached (7-2013)


  1. To show an animal in a particular breed show, the entry must conform to any specific rules established by that particular breed association.


  2. All these names will be thrown in a hat for overall, random cash prizes. Other prizes may be awarded provided if other sponsorships are available.


  3. Only other juniors can help other point show members-no help from parents or those older than junior point show age. (i.e. setting sheep up). (7-2015)


  4. Fairs need to post who is judging ahead of time so other fairs don’t hire the same judge. (7-2015)


  5. Steer, market wether lamb, market ewe lamb, market gilt and barrow classes can be made up of mixed breeds. Please record ear tag numbers or tattoos for ALL animals. All market animals must be tagged and tag numbers recorded on the results. ALL sheep and swine must be tagged. Passed by the NDJPSA membership at the June 2008 annual meeting.






  1. Sanctioned shows must offer breed classes for heifers, and age divisions regardless of the number entered in a breed division. All other-breed (miscellaneous breed) classes do not qualify. For example: If one Hereford and one Limousin are entered in a show you must separate these animals into their own breed classes. No breeds are to be combined into one class. Each must be shown in a separate breed class. Commercial heifers will be shown by birth date. It is up to each fair what age divisions used to determine lots. Breed Champions ONLY must be placed from top to bottom for points to count towards the Supreme Champion year-end award.


  1.  Fall heifer calves and yearlings are allowed to accumulate points for the current show season. Points will be calculated for the following: breeding sheep - ewe lambs, market wether lambs, market ewe lambs, market gilts, market barrows, and breeding gilts. Points are not available for cow/calf .pairs. When making selections for Champion and Reserve Champion make sure that your judge is aware of this. POINTS do not move up or down if an ineligible animal or if a NON-MEMBER is selected.


  1. Points are calculated on each individual person’s highest placing for both breeding heifers and market steers. (June 2010 meeting)


  1. All Cattle that are NOT purebred must be shown in the commercial class. (Besides the Chi-influenced, Simm-influenced, and Shorthorn Plus (7-2013 for Shorthorn Plus.) (September 23, 2006 meeting)


  1. Supreme Heifers MUST be placed all the way from top to bottom otherwise Supreme points will NOT count for the top one or two. All Breed Champions MUST be placed. Reserve Breed Champions ARE NOT ELIGIBLE AND CANNOT BE PLACED IN THE SUPREME PLACING LINEUP. (June 2010, July 2012)


  1.  If one person exhibits more than one head in a heifer breed, only the best placing will be recorded per breed.


  1.  Sanctioned shows must offer breed & age classes for heifers, regardless of the number entered. All-other-breed (miscellaneous breed) shows do not qualify.


  1. Year-end points are calculated for beef heifers by totaling points earned by an exhibitor. Winners in each breed (for heifers) and winners in the steer division will be recognized.


  1. Fall Heifers and yearlings will be eligible for points.


  1. Year-end points for beef animals are calculated by the highest placing of the exhibitor.


  2. New for 2008 – The ND Simmental Association has requested that we add a SimmAngus Breed to our show order. They have agreed to pay for the year-end awards for this division.


  3. Points are not available for cow/calf pairs.

The breeds allowed for the beef divisions are as follows.

  • Angus

  • Charolais

  • Chi-influenced

  • Gelbvieh

  • Hereford

  • Limousin

  • Maine

  • Red Angus

  • Shorthorn

  • Shorthorn Plus

  • Simmental

  • Simm-Influenced

  • Commercial




  1. Points are calculated on each animal.


  1.  Points will be tabulated on both market barrows and market gilts. There will not be extra points awarded to the Champion and Reserve Champion Overall Market Hog.


  2. We will have awards for gilts. We hope that participating fairs will have a class for crossbred and registered gilts. After a champion is selected in these two divisions grand and reserve champion gilt’s will be chosen for the point system.


  3. New for 2007 – There will be a breeding gilt division. Crossbreed and registered gilts should be split into different lots. Select a Champion and reserve champion in each division. Select an overall and reserve champion for the points.


Class breakdowns for Swine.

  • Purebred Breeding Gilts

  • Crossbred Breeding Gilts

  • Overall Breeding Gilt

  • Market Gilts

  • Market Barrows

  • Overall Market Hog



  1. Points are calculated on each animal.


  1.  Market ewe lambs and market wethers will be split for year-end awards. Breeding sheep will be split by breeds. Yearling ewes and ewe lambs will receive year-end awards.


  2. All Ear tag Number of animals must be recorded with the show management. Passed by NDJPSA membership at the June 2008 annual meeting


Class breakdowns for sheep.

  • Separate by Breed

  • Falls and Yearlings in a class

    • Overall fall/yearling Ewe

  • Ewe Lambs

    • Overall Ewe Lamb

  • Overall Breeding Ewe between the champion fall/yearling ewe and ewe lamb



  1. Points are calculated on each animal.


  2. Goats born on January 1st two years prior and younger will ONLY receive points for breeding does. (Example: For the 2015 show season. Does Born January 2013 and after will ONLY receive points.)





Market Meat Goat Show


    1. The market meat goats should be weighed and split into weight classes. Please split your classes as you see fit.

    2. Market meat goat does and wethers all show together. Market Does and Market Wethers must now be shown in separate divisions. A champion and reserve champion market Doe must be picked and a champion and a reserve champion market Wether must be picked. Once these are picked you can then proceed to pick an overall market goat. (7/2014)



Class J - Market Goats

  • LOT

  • 19. Wether, any breed or crossbreed, born on or after January 1, 2015.


  • 20. Doe, any breed or crossbreed, born on or after January 1, 2015.



Breeding Meat Goat Show


  1. Purebred, Percentage, and Commercial does will be split and awarded year end awards starting October 1, 2015. (7-2015)

Recommended Registered Breeding Goat Class Break Downs for purebred and percentage does.


1. 0 to 3 months

2. 3 to 6 months

3. 6 to 9 months

4. 9 to 12 months

5. Junior Division Champion...................................................................Ribbon

6. Junior Division Reserve Champion.................................................Ribbon

7. 12 to 16 months

8. 16 to 20 months

9. 20 to 24 months

10. Yearling Division Champion ...........................................................Ribbon

11. Yearling Division Reserve Champion .........................................Ribbon

12. 24 to 36 months

13. 36 months plus

14. Senior Division Champion ...............................................................Ribbon

15. Senior Division Reserve Champion .............................................Ribbon

16. Grand Champion..................................................................................Rosette

17. Reserve Grand Champion................................................................Rosette


Class I - Commercial Does


18. Weight Class



North Dakota Showing Rules

  • North Dakota youth shows (4-H, FFA, and NDJPSA) have no specific rules in place that stipulate whether or not meat goats can or cannot be clipped regardless if they are breeding or market animals.

  • North Dakota youth shows (4-H, FFA, and NDJPSA) have no specific rule as to whether meat goats can or cannot be braced or not in the breeding or market show division.


  • The ND Junior Point Show or its member fairs does not sanction our shows with the USBGA or the ABGA; thus we do not have to abide by either of these or any other Boer Goat Association sanctioning rules.