ND iPad for Administrators Workshops

This site contains information and resources for those of you who will be attending one of the iPad 4 Educators workshops around the state.

It will help everyone involved in the workshop if you have these items taken care of before you arrive on site.

1.  You should
       Set up an iTunes account
          Set up an iTunes account if you don't have one already. You need to launch iTunes and go to the iTunes Store to do this.
    Here are instructions on how to do this:
    Step 1 - Step 2

Here is information on how to Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card if you don't want to make purchases with a credit card.
Basically you need to "purchase" a free iPad App to get the option of not using a credit card to be available.

       Make sure you remember your password for your iTunes account!

       Bringing a laptop to this workshop is optional.

You may want to purchase an iTunes gift card at a Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Best Buy and bring it along to the workshop, especially if you set up your iTunes account without a credit card. You will not be required to purchase any apps for this workshop, but it would be advantageous to you if you are prepared to do so. There is one app that we will use during the workshop that you should purchase - GoodReader ($4.99)

Warning: If you use school funds to purchase the Gift Cards, you will have to deal with sales tax :-(

You should

2.  Set up a Google Account 
    You don't need to have a gmail account, but it would be helpful.
    It would be best if you set up a gmail account first, and then use that when you set up your Google account.
    For example, mine is craig.nansen@gmail.com and I will use this during the workshop instead of craig.nansen@sendit.nodak.edu or craig.nansen@minot.k12.nd.us

3.  Set up a Dropbox account and install it on your laptop and/or desktop computer.

4.  Set up an Evernote account and install it on your laptop and/or desktop computer.

You are encouraged to download these free apps to your iPad before arriving on site for the workshop:


You may also want to download this App for reading your Google Calendars. 
If you are attending the 2nd day of this workshop, it will be provided for you as part of your registration fee.
Calendars ($6.99)

Please fill out this short survey - it was also sent to you via email