Google Apps

Google Drive is the new name for everything done using a Google App. Google Docs now refers to the word processor where it used to refer to the spreadsheet and other apps.

Google Search -

Google Drive -

GoodReader ($4.99) can be used to read documents from Google Drive

Google Calendar
    Calendars ($6.99) <--- Not a Google product, but we provide it to every administrator in our district.

    Awesome Calendar Lite (+Google Task/Diary) (Free) -
    Awesome Calendar ($4.99)

    Google+ Hangouts

Google Translate -

Google Chrome -

Google Forms

Google Presentation

Google Earth -

Google Play Books -

YouTube (iPhone App) -

Google Latitude -
    Competitor to "Find My Friends" and "Four Square"

Google Currents -

Google Sites

GoDocs ($4.99) can be used to edit Google Documents
     I don't use this -