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Here are some things you can do, people you can ask, and places to go if you get snagged or want to learn more about ePortfolios at Notre Dame:

If you have a technical question about how to use ePortfolios:

1. Troubleshoot with the Notre Dame OIT Help Desk

  1. Review articles in the Knowledge Base

  2. Call: (574) 631-8111

  3. Email:

  4. Visit: 115 DeBartolo Hall

2. Meet with a student ePortfolio support specialist.

  1. Visit: Coleman-Morse FYS Lobby (2nd floor) on from 7-8:30pm on Sunday April 29th. More dates coming soon.

  2. Email for a personal appointment:

3. If you created your ePortfolio in  Summer 2017 or earlier.

  1. See the FAQ for the Classic system

If you have a question about the nature of your ePortfolio assignment:

Ask your instructor.

If you have a question about using ePortfolios for effective teaching, learning, or assessment:

Consult with the Notre Dame ePortfolio Team

  1. Contact the ePortfolio Specialist: Alison Lanski, Ph.D.

    1. Email:

    2. Call: (574)-631-9642

  2. Contact the ePortfolio Program Director: G. Alex Ambrose, Ph.D.

    1. Email:

    2. Call: (574)-631-8715

  3. Attend: A related Kaneb Center Workshop

  4. Visit:  Kaneb Center for Teaching & Learning  Room,  350 Learning Technology Lab Debartolo Hall,

Notre Dame, IN 46556