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Add a Google Drive File to Your ePortfolio

The Google module allows you to embed live files from your Google Drive into your portfolio.  When you update files in your Drive, the updates will automatically show on your eportfolio.  You can display files from Drive that are not Google files (e.g. pdf, ppt, mp3, wav, mp4, mov, etc.). This module is also the easiest way to add a powerpoint presentation to your portfolio (see the powerpoint directions for more details).  

Recommendation: Before you begin 
Create a folder in "My Drive" called "ePortfolio Uploads" 
Share this folder with "anyone who has the link"
Add your files (docs, sheets, slides, images, audio, video, pdfs, etc) to this folder

Add a Google module and Drive file

  1. Click "Add Module” in the upper right area of your portfolio

  2. Select "Google”.  You will see a short list of options appear.

  3. Select “Google Drive”

  4. Click “Add This Module”.

eP add google module.png

  1. Click "Choose File”, then navigate to and select your file.  If you hover over a file name, you will see a clickable message: “Who will be able to see this in my ePortfolio” -- click here to verify that you have set the correct permissions. If you do not want people to log into their Google accounts to view your file, you should allow "anyone with the link" to view your file.

  2. Click “Choose This File” next to your selected file.  You will see the file embedded in your ePortfolio in an appropriate player.  

  3. Publish your module.

  4. If you want to add contextualizing text, add a rich text module on the same page and enter your context there.

  5. To make your updates visible to viewers of your ePortfolio, go back to the top of your screen and click “Publish This Page”.