Getting Started

Set up your profile.

Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right hand corner of your screen (next to “Logout”) and update your profile information. *At a minimum, please upload an appropriate profile picture.



Look around.

The best way to learn about ePortfolios are to look at ePortfolios. Once you are logged into Notre Dame's Digication site you will see communities and ePortfolios that others have shared. Tip: Browse around and examine why others have created ePortfolios, how they organized/designed them, and what types of things they put in them.

Create an ePortfolio.

Click on the  “Create” button in green  on the right side of the screen in the “My ePortfolio” section. 

Important: If you are creating an ePortfolio for a course from a template (assigned by your instructor) follow these instructions. FAQ: How do I create an ePortfolio for a course from a template?

You will have to:

a. Give your ePortfolio a creative, relevant, and appropriate title. Note: You can customize the url.
b. Choose a theme (if you choose or make your own). *Please at a minimum click on “customize” and upload a relevant and “appropriate directory” icon (Tip: Head shots make it easier for your professors to find your ePortfolio in the directory. Hint: You can come back later and customize other elements like the header,  see the “advanced customization” page we have created.
c. Set permissions. Decide if you will make it private, gated, or completely public and choose if you will allow classmates and instructor can view only or view and edit your ePortfolio.
e. Set tagging options.


Create ePortfolio from a Template

Most likely you were asked to create  an eportfolio using a template. The directions are slighty different, but don't worry we've written a simple step by step document that you can follow here:
Building an eportfolio is easy, but sometimes confusing. Here are few resources to help you build it

How to Add a Section

There is a detailed tutorial on how to add a section here: How to add a section to your ePortfolio

How to Hide or Delete a Section

There are detailed instructions on how to delete a section here: How to Hide or Delete a Section

How to Add a Page

There are detailed instructions on how to add a page here: How to Add a Page

How to Hide or Delete a Page

There is a detailed tutorial on how to hide or delete a section here: How to Delete or Hide a Page

More Resources

We are working on documenting as many steps of building an eportfolio as possible. There are many more things you can do with an eportfolio that are document in ours FAQs (listed here). 
However, there are others schools using digication and they also have some documentation that could help. Below are some of the most useful we found.
If you get snagged along the way be sure to check out our Help page.
    The ePortfolio is structured by sections then pages (and sub-pages...) with modules of text, pictures, audio, or video multimedia content boxes.
    You can’t really break anything and you can always make new ePortfolios so experiment and play around with the tool.

Learn More.

The next step learn more about ePortfolios and check out the style and customization pages. Warning: Be careful making ePortfolio website can be addicting.