Faculty & TA Resources

This page is dedicated to providing resources for ND faculty on the ePortfolio initiatives. If you are a faculty member who is interested in using Digication for a course that you are teaching, please visit our ePortfolios@ND Faculty Resource Website to see Spotlight Student Examples, Sample Assignments, and our Template Directory. Also, before meeting with us, we suggest that you look at the respective page in the sidebar, or click here.

ePortfolio Best Practices for Instructors:
If you build it doesn't mean they will come. There are few things that instructors can do to help facilitate students to make the most of their ePortfolio tool.  Here are a few suggestions:

*Introduce as early in the semester as possible, preferably include the ePortfolio requirement into your syllabus.
*Add an ePortfolio submission requirement onto your course assignments
*Have at least 2-3 specific milestone deadlines throughout the semester (beginning, middle, end)
*Every other week or so mention a student ePortfolio of the day in class to point out good examples in class
*Use the comment/conversation features to provide feedback and encourage students to do the same (2 comments per week/month)
*Use the discussion feature for asynchronous discussion boards and class announcements

Faculty & TA FAQ's
Here a few relevant Faculty FAQ's you might find useful. Let us know if you would like to set up a one-on-on demo/training.

Getting Started

How to Request and Set up a Digication Faculty Account

Why/How to Building Your Own Faculty ePortfolio

Faculty Training Webinar #1: Introduction to Digication and Building an ePortfolio