Past Recipients


Heritage Award for Customer Service - Jeff McKinnon, Department of Human Services
Telegraph Award for Excellence in Technology - Cliff Heyne, Information Technology Department
Pioneer Award for Excellence in Innovation:  John Nowatzki
Zezula "One Who Helps" - Colleen "Kelly" Weiand, ND National Guard and Ben Ehreth, Department of Transportation
Landmark Award for Excellence in Management - John Axtman, Department of Mineral Resources
Frontier Award for Excellence in Continuous Learning - Dr. Lisa Peterson, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Harvest Award for Excellence in Quality - Karlene Fine, Industrial Commission
Roaming Bison Award (Team) - Unified Command and Staff for state emergency response:  The Cross-cutting team represented by the Division of Emergency Services, Highway Patrol, Department of Agriculture, State Forester, Water Commission, Morton County, and supported by the unified command staff from numerous state agencies, for their work coordinating the complex response efforts and identifying solutions to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and this year's drought and wildfire disaster, using a whole-of-government approach. 


Jesse Hanson - Parks and Recreation Department
Sandy Eichhorn - Job Service North Dakota, Wahpeton
Christie Massen - North Dakota Department of Health
Jean Hagen - North Dakota State University
Dorothy Wilson - North Dakota State University
Jim Stalboerger - North Dakota State University


Tim Wiedrich - North Dakota Department of Health
Cindy Sanford - Job Service North Dakota, Williston
Jeffrey Erickson - North Dakota State University
Judith Moe - North Dakota State University
David Mattern - Office of Management and Budget
Mary Power - North Dakota State University


Patrick N. Bohn - ND Department of Corrections
Jane Croeker - University of North Dakota
Larry Ruebel - Department of Emergency Services
Kathleen Ann Heller - ND State Hospital
Laura Thibert, North Dakota State University
Bob Nelson - ND Veterans Home


Phil Davis - Job Service North Dakota
Carol Yantzer - Job Service North Dakota
Michelle Grant - North Dakota State University
Jean Hagen - North Dakota State University
Debra Sorenson - North Dakota State University
James Weigel - Office of Management and Budget


Terry L. Whitmore - Department of Human Services
Cindy Bitz - Job Service North Dakota
Janine Trowbridge - North Dakota State University
Diane Axness - North Dakota State University
Marvin Hoff - North Dakota State Hospital
Ken Remmick - ND Facility Management


Robert Barclay - North Dakota State University
Connie Johnson - Job Service North Dakota
Debra Knapper - North Dakota State University
Karen Johnson - North Dakota State University
Patti Mihelich - Department of Human Services
Kristin Lunneborg - North Dakota Veterans Home


Janice Hoffarth – University of North Dakota
Kyle Forster – Information Technology Department
Kirk Peterson – University of North Dakota
Tom Job – Facility Management
Curt Hofland – Department of Human Services
Holly Gaugler – Office of the Adjutant General


Greg Wilz, Department of Emergency Services
Amy Jo Anton, Department of Emergency Services
Jennifer Hooey, Department of Human Services
Jean Hagen, NDSU Aerospace Studies
Daniel Krogen, NDSU Facilities Managment
James Leingang, Office of Management and Budget


Sara Otte Coleman, Department of Commerce - Bismarck 
Les Strege, State Tax Commission - Minot
Pat Patch, Human Services - Bismarck
Becky Rosenkranz, Protection and Advocacy Project - Bismarck
Gary Calheim, State Water Commission - Bismarck


Darlene Wolfgram, Information Technology Department - Bismarck 
Darlene Pixley, NDSU Dining Center - Fargo 
Debbie Merrill, Facilities UND - Grand Forks 
Deb Gletne, Central Human Service Center - Jamestown 
Lonnie Hoffer, Department of Emergency Services - Bismarck


Gerald Newborg, Historical Society - Bismarck
Heather Raschke, Job Service - Bismarck
Pam Zimbelman, Facilities UND - Grand Forks
Mary Jaster, Developmental Center - Grafton
Karen Roesch, Facilities NDSU - Fargo
Matthew Walker, Facilities NDSU - Fargo


Jeb Williams, Game and Fish Department - Bismarck
Brian Heitkamp, Job Service - Bismarck 
Mark Herz, Facilities Management - Fargo
Arlen Skunberg, Carpenters Shop - Fargo
Carey Fry, Job Service - Fargo


David Zentner, Human Services
Kathy Larson, Developmental Center - Grafton
Tammy Celley, Department of Agriculture
Tim Singelmann, Heating Plant - NDSU
Laurie Albright, Job Service - Fargo


Robert Rutten, Public Instruction- Bismarck 
Roxann Sauter, West Central Human Service Center- Bismarck
Linda Price, North Central Human Service Center- Minot


Karon Steckler, Human Services
Dan Schelske, Jr., Parks and Recreation 
Marget (Maggie) Anderson, Department of Public Instruction 
Lucinda (Cindy) Moos, Job Service


Sheila Kath, NDSU, Zoology/Geosciences/Biological Sciences 
Penny Olson, Job Service 
Becky Lankow, Job Service 
Ron Lisko, Job Service


Don Bauer, Valley City State University 
Randi Anfinson, Job Service 
William Jundt, Facility Management 
Stacie Ensrude, Developmental Center


Marcella Kramer, Supreme Court 
Raymond Hall, Facility Management 
Doris Giedt, State Hospital 
Karlene Fine, Industrial Commission


Jeanne Walstad, Supreme Court 
Robert Serba, State Hospital 
Bob Noblin, Job Service 
Robert Stone, Department of Public Instruction


Leo Locker, Job Service 
Eugene Determan, NDSU 
Timothy Brehm, Department of Corrections & Rehabiliation


Francis Ziegler, Department of Transportation 
Raymond Staiger, Division of Emergency Management 
Delores Rath, State Hospital 
Duane Isaacson, Job Service 
Christine Fastnaught, NDSU 
Joseph Milton, Job Service


Janet Elkin, Public Service Commission 
Sandra Adams, Health Department 
E. Diane Laub, Department of Transportation 
Roy Laframboise, Forest Service


John Hoganson, Geological Survey 
Mary Lee, Supreme Court


Lyle Gallagher, State Radio Communication 
Larry Kotchman, Forest Service 
Henry Duray, Parks & Tourism 
Warren Emmer, Parole & Probation 
Samih Ismir, Human Services Department 
Robert Boyd, UND


Luella Dunn, Supreme Court 
William Davis, Economic Development & Finance 
David Jensen, Game & Fish Department 
Bruce Burkett, Game & Fish Department


Richard Bjornson, Highway Patrol 
Gary Wilkinson, National Guard 
Claudia Berg, Historical Society


Betty Owen, Adjutant General’s Office 
Virginia Petersen, Human Services Department 
Jack Carroll, MCRH 
Jim Heck, Central Data Processing 
Jim Nelson, State Penitentiary


Tim Mueller, Parks & Recreation Department 
G. Mary Malsam, Tax Department 
Gene Christianson, Health Department 
Leon Skarperud, Highway Department 
Lawrence Spears, Supreme Court


Suzanne Kime, Job Service 
Ray Eisenzimmer, National Guard 
Susanna Wittmier, Public Service Commission


Orlin Bensen, Highway Patrol 
Arnold Burian, Tax Department 
Aaron Rash, Laboratories Department 
Robert Kessel, Tax Department