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Welcome to the NCWPL website!

The 2009-2010 season is almost here! Feel free to visit the new league website for this year's competition.

This year's final standings:

1 - GeeGees
2 - Manta Rays
3 - Sharks

Congratulations to all the participants!


In order to have an efficient league night, here are some useful checklists that the hosting team`s volunteers can use to make sure everything runs smoothly and here is the score sheet.

Please send any photos, comments on how the league is being run or suggestions to make it better to the league's webmaster. Comments will be posted on the website when they are recieved.

Top Scorers

Jerry Tesanovic  Senior BC 44
 Boris Miljencevic  Manta Rays 40
 David Lapins  Hull 31
Tristan Tremblay GeeGees 28
Ben Somers GeeGees 27
Full list of scorers

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