Our fearless leader is my husband Eddie.  As a young boy he enjoyed hunting and fishing.  He has shared that love with our family and friends.  Our children’s memories will be of our adventures and family vacations camping down by the Meherrin River. 
The Meherrin River flows from Lawrenceville, Virginia down to Murfreesboro, North Carolina where it dumps into the Chowan River.  Meherrin means muddy water.  If you have ever seen the Meherrin you would realize this is a very true statement. 
As the years passed, Eddie found that our river had more to offer than fish and snakes.  He began fossil hunting with his friend, Sherrod.  They found different fossils - whale bone, shark teeth, shells and even an occassional artifact.   Fossil hunting became another outdoor adventure of discovery to add to our enjoyment of the Meherrin.  Eddie has great instincts in the outdoors – whether it is spotting the place where all the fish are hanging out in the river, discovering fossils, tracking the big bucks or finding his lost wife.
Eddie was always great at organizing our camping trips; spending many hours and days in preparation, getting the campsite ready so that our family and friends could enjoy our time outside and have everything we needed to survive with some comfort for our adventures.  Together, he and Sherrod, became a great team - each learning from the other's experience. 
Now camping down by the Meherrin isn’t like driving into a campground and having an electric hook up.  You are in the woods and camping out the good old fashion way.  You always make sure to keep your tent zipped so you won't have an unwelcome slithery mate in your sleeping bag when you crawl in for the night.  It’s not unusual to hear an owl who-who- who-ing in the night or a coyote howling in the distance…spooky!  (Speaking of coyotes, did I ever tell you about the one who nearly ran into me or the bear that stole my favorite glove after he decided to visit me in the woods – oh those are different stories for later – but I will tell you it was feet don’t fail me now!) 
It never hurts to add a safety reminder for any hunter:  
Always try to carry a cell phone with fully charged batteries.  Text messages at times will make it through when you can not get a call out, very useful if you are in trouble or lost.
It is best to hunt with at least one other person.  If all your fossil finding buddies are busy, at least let some one know where you plan to go.
Layering your clothing is always good - you can remove layers as the day warms up.
Our river has been a good teacher arousing our curiosity about the many secrets and mysteries from the past it holds for us.  Being curious is a good thing for the young and old; it causes us to seek answers to the questions in our mind opening up opportunities for us to learn.  We look forward to passing on our traditions.  Please treat our rivers kindly so they will be there for the enjoyment of generations to come.  Though the fossils are getting harder and harder to find, we hope to always be able to catch a nice big catfish or fat bream (brim) on our camping trips!
We have enjoyed sharing in our family and friends discoveries.  At first glance, some teeth may appear to be the same in shape or size, fossil lovers know each one has it's own unique personality and is a work of Art created by the Master's hand over the many long years of fossilization.  The tooth that is in nearly perfect condition may be considered more valuable than one that has a feeder nick but even the teeth with damage from feeding have an intriguing story to tell if they could only talk and tell us where they had been and of the things they had seen. 
We know that fossils from the Meherrin are special, we've seen them and touched them.  Collectors often recognize our fossils origins without being told where we found them.  Their beautiful colors give their secret away.  We have sold some of our fossils on eBay.  For you as a Collector, if you are fortunate enough to have one of our Shark Teeth in your Collection perhaps you will find it here in these pages.
This web site is dedicated to Eddie, Sherrod, their family and friends.  My hopes are that our ancestors will always be able to go back to see the beautiful Shark Teeth they have found even though some of their treasures have journeyed on to other homes to be enjoyed for years to come.    It may take me a while to get them recorded but you will surely enjoy viewing the photographs of our beautiful teeth once again. 


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