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Essay Contest 2017


See Taiwan Essay Contest


Continuing her successful launch of the inaugural Annual Essay Contest last year, NC Taiwanese Cultural Arts (NCTWCA) is pleased to announce the second Annual Essay Contest “See Taiwan” to promote Taiwanese Culture and Chinese writings. Whether you have been to Taiwan, been to a NC Taiwanese Cultural Arts sponsored local event like Culinary Arts, read a book, enrolled in Chinese Language Schools, or know a family from Taiwan, and so on, there should be plenty of things you can write about how yourself are so influenced by such an expierence. Winners of the contest will be announced at the NCTWCA Essay Award Reception Event in mid October 2017.  
The first place winner will be awarded $200.00, $100.00 for second place, $50.00 for third place, and $25.00 for honorable mentions by groups. 

徵文比賽綱要 Contest Outline
  • 辦法:以三百到五百字,選定一項與臺灣有關的事情,描述它如何影響了你(妳)自己。短文的頭尾兩段必須用中文,其餘部份用中英文皆可,短文題目及如何描述臺灣的事影響自己都由個人決定,這是個人隨筆屬比賽的一部份。譬如說,描述臺灣傳統週文化訪演如何影響到個人即算切題。
  • 參賽資格:北卡高小、初、高中及大學在學學生
  • 獎金:有獎徵文比賽第一名獎金兩佰元,第二名一佰元,第三名五十元,另備分組佳作獎二十五元若干名。獲獎者須出席頒獎典禮不然名次以下一順位遞補。
  • 截止日期:二零一七年十月七日,10/7/2017,請電郵寄至。
Please see the following attachment for details.

Yih-Shin Tan,
Aug 27, 2017, 3:16 PM