2016 Taiwanese American Heritage Week Performance


中極至體能舞蹈Modern Arts Dance Theater

The North Carolina Taiwanese Cultural Arts, in conjunction with Sister Cities of Cary, is proud to present the 2016 Asia Pacific American Heritage Month and Taiwanese American Heritage week performance from Taiwan at the Cary Arts Center on May 17, 2016, by the award-winning, the first professional and the most iconic modern dance company in central Taiwan, featuring the beauty and vitality of Taiwan and her rich innovation nature of absorbing western culture arts:

Time:   7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM
    Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Place:  Cary Arts Center,
         101 Dry Avenue, Cary, NC 27512

中極至體能舞蹈- Taiwan So Beautiful

極至體能舞蹈團:創立於19978月,為臺中第一支專業現代舞蹈團,創團至今每年皆推出新舞作巡迴全國各縣市,自2008年起陸續獲邀於法國馬恩河谷舞蹈節、俄羅斯契可夫藝術節、美國楊百翰大學、西澳表演藝術學院、印度Interface舞蹈節、澳洲「Mirranu Arts Festival」、巴黎世界文化週等大型節慶演出。預訂組團人數16人,本次規劃包含古著服裝秀、芭蕾及現代舞、手語詩、布袋戲之創作舞蹈,並輔以臺灣民謠組曲為背景音樂,希望讓美國民眾及僑胞看見臺灣美麗而豐饒的生命力(該團官網http://www.mad-theater.com)

The 10 year old Modern Arts Dance Theater is the first professional modern arts dance company of central Taiwan.  They have new productions every year and tours around the cities of Taiwan.  Since 2008 they have  been invited to numerous international dance and arts festivals in France, Russia, America,  Australia, and India and performed for large festivity crowds to their delight.  For celebrating the 2016 Asia Pacific American Heritage Month and Taiwanese American Heritage week, the Dance Company is sending a cast of 20 including 16 dancers and the technical support crew.  They will showcase the beauty and vitality of Taiwan with a special production of vintage fashion show, ballet, modern dance, sign language poems, glove puppetry and Taiwanese opera  innovated multi-culture performance featuring Taiwanese folk songs with a theme of floral at the background.