What is Omega Chi Epsilon (OXE)?

The name of the National Chemical Engineering Honor Society is based  upon our motto: Ode Chrototos Eggegramai, which means, In this Society, professionalism is engraved  in our minds.  The letters OCE, or their Greek equivalent of WCE, represent Order of Chemical Engineers, as shown on the KEY to the right. 

The key represents the objectives of Omega Chi Epsilon. The four arms of the Maltese cross  represent the first four objectives: RECOGNITION, INVESTIGATION, SERVICE and COMRADESHIP. These four are bound intimately together by the fifth, PROFESSIONALISM, represented by the circular maroon crest in the shape of a globe, reminding us of the world-wide scope of chemical engineering. 
The gold Greek letters, Omega, Chi, Epsilon, are  inscribed on a white band encircling the  globe.  The crossed retorts, the integral sign, and the bolt of lightning represent the three main tools of the chemical engineer--chemistry, mathematics and physics.

What Does the Future Hold for Our Chapter at NC State?

We believe that OXE should be the primary resource between Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering Students and graduate schools and/or professional development. Just as the American Institution of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) student chapter acts as a bridge for all students to industry from North Carolina State University (NCSU), we hope that OXE will act as a guide for helping our elite students in pursuing their goals, whether that be industrial pursuits or applying to a graduate program.  As a service and a fellowship organization, we plan on taking an active part in the academic success of chemical engineering students through tutoring and aid in the development of our department and community through service activities.  We also hope to facilitate personal connections with local industries in hopes of giving our members access to the most beneficial resources that may not be able to be found elsewhere.  The Society promotes high scholarship, encourages original investigation in chemical engineering, and recognizes the valuable traits of character, integrity, and leadership.

The Key of Omega Chi Epsilon

Recent Announcements

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