Officer Descriptions

The officer positions are described below: 

  • Lead all executive council meetings and club meetings
  • Oversee all club operations; reserve meeting rooms and pilot plant kitchen
  • Respond to e-mails
  • Arrange following Fall/Spring meeting dates
Vice President
  • Correspond and scheduling professionals to speak at each club meeting for the upcoming year
  • Requires you to be proactive in planning and researching the speakers
  • Must be outgoing and willing to meet new people, it's always good to be welcoming to our guests
  • Line most dates up during the summer, and send reminder emails to the speakers at least a week prior to the meeting
  • Really great way to network and get to know local professionals within our community
  • In charge of sending a "Thank You" email to the speakers
  • Record detailed minutes of every club meeting and executive council meeting and post these minutes to the website
  • Run the club email account
  • Keep club members up to date with all club events
  • Keep track of club member points and active member standing
  • Take attendance at each club meeting

  • Experience in handling and managing money
  • Creating/managing budgets
  • Follow and budget club finances; Collect member dues
  • Complete Student Government Appropriation process once a semester to apply for outside money at the beginning of each semester
  • Create a financial report for each executive meeting
  • Work with other nutrition club officers to determine financial needs for individual committees and the club
  • Order club T Shirts
Agri Life Council Representative
  • Represent the Nutrition Club at all Agri Life Council meetings and events
  • Work with the Food Co-Chairs to prepare dinner for one of the Agri Life Council meetings¬†
  • Work with the Treasurer to complete CALS Allocation process once a semester¬†
Monthly Service Co-Chair
  • Plan and organize monthly Nutriton Club events (The Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event will be one of the monthly events)
  • Advertise monthly events at club meetings
  • Exert leadership in the Nutrition Club and will benefit from networking with students, faculty and working professionals
Publicity Chair
  • Responsible for planning and executing the Nutrition Club's participation in back to school organization fairs
  • Advertise for club meetings by posting flyers around campus, as well as "chalking" before meetings
  • Organize club bulletin board and update it as needed
  • Assist other committees in their publicity needs, especially advertisement for March Nutrition Month
  • In charge of printing, designing, and distributing fliers (and chalk) to committee members
  • Have fliers put on the screens in Schuab
Food Co-Chair
  • Organize and prepare snacks and food items for all club meetings alongside committee members in Schaub basement kitchen before meetings
  • Organize and prepare Agri-Life Council Dinner alongside committee members (spring semester)
  • Purchase necessary items to create the snacks
  • Maintain the club allotted budget
  • Create a food committee to help make the snacks, beginning an hour before each meeting (clean up afterward)
  • Organize Potlucks (both semesters)
Benefits of a leadership position:
  • Develop leadership and managerial qualities
  • Gain authoritative experience
  • Experience in public speaking
  • Get to know faculty and staff members in the FBNS Department