Active Member Requirements

To be an active member in the nutrition club you must:

Pay dues
Dues are $10 for the semester/ $15 for the year. Cash or checks are accepted. Checks must be made payable to NCSU Nutrition Club. Turn in dues to our Treasurer, Kate Southard. Dues are due by the third meeting of the semester, Monday, October 7th. If dues are not paid by this date then any attendance points that a member has earned will be discounted and members may not start earning these points again until they have paid their dues. Contact Kate at with any questions.

Earn 7 points
Member activity is measured with a point system. To be considered an active member, you must earn 7 points during the Spring 2014 semester:

  • 3 points must come from meeting attendance. Each meeting or the end-of-semester potluck is worth one point. There are 5 meetings a semester and 1 potluck at the end of the semester. You may not earn more than 3 points from meeting attendance. Do not forget to sign the meeting attendance sheet! You will not receive a point if you do not sign the attendance sheet. 
  • 2 points must come from attending monthly service events. One of these service points must come from Nutrition Club's March Nutrition Month activities.  See the service page for more information about the monthly events.
  • 1 point must come from preparing snacks before meetings. The food chairs, Nikki and Haylee, will be preparing snacks at 6pm on Monday nights before each meeting.  They will need 3-5 volunteers to help them prepare the snacks.  See the food page for the online sign-up sheet. 
  • 1 point must come from publicity activities. Help Sarah Thompson with the different publicity activities (hanging up flyers, updating the Schaub bulletin board, chalking, etc.) for a point.